Please provide any 2 values and click "Calculate" to obtain the various other values in the ohm"s legislation equations V = i × R and also P = V × I.

Voltage (V):kilovolts volts millivolts
Current (I):amperes milliamperes
Resistance (R):ohms <Ω>kilohms megohms
Power (P):watts kilowatts megawatts horsepowersBTU/h


Ohm"s Law

Ohm"s regulation states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional come the voltage. This is true for many materials, end a wide variety of voltages and currents, and the resistance and conductance that electronic contents made from these materials remain constant. Ohm"s regulation is true because that circuits the contain just resistive aspects (no capacitors or inductors), regardless of even if it is the steering voltage or existing is consistent (DC) or time-varying (AC). It deserve to be expressed utilizing a number of equations, normally all three together, as displayed below.

V = ns × R
R =V
I =V


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Electrical Power

Power is the rate at which electric energy is moved by an electric circuit every unit time frequently expressed in the SI (International mechanism of Units) unit the Watts. Power is typically produced by electrical generators and supplied to businesses and also homes through the electrical power industry, however can additionally be provided by electrical batteries or other sources.

In resistive circuits, Joule"s Law deserve to be an unified with Ohm"s regulation to produce alternate expressions because that the amount of power dissipated, as shown below.

P = V × I
P =V2
P = I2 × R


Ohm"s regulation Formula Wheel

Below is a formula wheel for Ohm"s law relationships between P, I, V, and R. This is basically what the does, and also is just a depiction of the algebraic manipulation the the equations above. To usage the wheel, choose the variable to resolve for in the center of the wheel, then usage the partnership for the two well-known variables in ~ the cross section of the circle.


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