Missouri applied for statehood together a servant state. The phibìc felt that it would certainly upset the balance of cost-free and slave claims in the senate. The southern felt the there would certainly be an ext slave states than cost-free states in the senate. The Tallmadge revised proposed that Missouri be admitted together a complimentary state. The north favored it b/c the would avoid the spread out of slavery into the Louisiana Territory. The south opposed the b/c if Missouri was admitted as a totally free state, the phibìc would have actually the votes in conference to end slavery. This was addressed by allowing Missouri to go into the union together a slave state and also the Maine a free. Congress attracted a line at 36"30 across the Louisiana Territory and also slavery was allowed South of the line and prohibited in the North.

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Issues:1. Abolitionists want to protect against slavery in Washington, D.C., however Congress refused. 2. Some northerners helped fugitive slaves.3. The Wilmot Proviso declared slavery would certainly not be permitted in the mexico Cession.4. California applied for join as a cost-free state.Feelings: 1. The phibìc felt angry b/c nobody cared to resolve it and also wanted conference to end slavery. The south was pleased the nobody cared about it and they want no constraints on slavery.2. Northerners tolerated assisting fugitive servants b/c it was a an important piece that property and also it was wrong. The south condemned come assisting fugitive slaves b/c over there were much less slaves top top the plantation and also it was your property.3. Northerners favored the Wilmot clue b/c it would allow much more people to end slavery. The south opposed come the Wilmot proviso b/c Congress had actually no appropriate to decide wherein slaveholders could take your property.4. Northerners favored admitting California as a cost-free state b/c they would have more votes against slavery. The south opposed admitting California as a complimentary state b/c that wouldn"t it is in fair because that them to have an ext people against slavery.Solved: 1. California will be admitted together a cost-free state, brand-new Mexico and Utah will certainly be open up to slavery, finished slave trade in Washington D.C., and also a solid fugitive slave regulation was passed.
Scott was a slave who believed his expedition to Wisconsin made that a free man. The North believed that he was still a totally free man b/c the the Missouri Compromise. The southern thought the he to be still a slave b/c servant owners have the right to take their servants anywhere. This was solved by not enabling Scott to sue for his freedom in federal court b/c the wasn"t a citizen, nor could any type of African American ever become an American citizen, his stay did do him a cost-free man b/c the Missouri weaken was unconstitutional, and also Congress can not ban slavery in the territories.
During the Lincoln-Douglas debates, positions concerning slavery were made clear. John Brown assaulted the arsenal at Harpers Farry to obtain weapons for a slave rebellion. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was chosen president. Left the union b/c Lincoln wanted to end slavery.

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The Union
The United claims as one country, unified under a solitary government.
The plot of withdrawing native an organization or alliance, such together the tap the money of the southern states from the union
A person who flees or tries come escape
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