What to Wear come a Quinceañera– space you grounding trying to number out what to wear to a quinceañera? (Quinceañeras are likewise simply called Quinces). As certified wedding/event planners, we regularly work with numerous families to help them setup their events.

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Besides the timeline, ceremonies, choose the right songs because that each moment, and also announcements, we regularly get asked around what females (and males) must wear come a quinceañera.

We also get many world who ask, “what perform guests wear to quinceañeras? are they an extremely formal? carry out we should dress increase in cocktail dresses or tuxedos?”

We’re going come cover all this in our can be fried guide! First, however, let’s describe what a quinceanera is.

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Table the Contents

What is a Quinceañera?

male quinceanera attire what to wear to quince - males
Typically, standard suggestions for males are come wear formal attire, together well. Let’s acquire into part suggestions top top what to wear come a quinceanera as a masculine guest, now.

A nice, darker colored suit and also tie (or bowtie)A light-colored suit, if it’s the season, or if it’s simply your thing