follow to timeless Latinate grammar, ‘who’ forms the subjective case and also so have to be supplied in subject place in a sentence, e.g., “who painted this?” The kind whom, on the various other hand, forms the objective case and so should be provided in object position in a sentence, e.g.,”to whom do you want to talk?"
The usage of ‘whom’ has actually steadily and significantly declined and also is now largely limited to formal contexts. The much more frequent exercise in contemporary is to usage 'who' rather of 'whom' and, wherein applicable, to placed the preposition in ~ the finish of the sentence (Who execute you want to talk to?). Currently, such usage is acceptable, but in formal writing the difference is preferable.
It counts on what you median by "correct". The most formal version would be:

To whom do you want to talk?

This is because in very formal it is dorn to break-up a preposition native its object. Yet nobody actually talks favor that in talked

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Although your "Whom" is technically the correct word in this case, nobody yes, really talks choose that either. "Who perform you desire to speak to" is by much the most commonly used different in casual, spoken


According come Longman Grammar there room three possibilities for questions of the type Who to be you talking to?

1 that were you talk to? - The regular variant wherein "whom" has actually been lessened to "who".

2 Whom were you talking to? - additionally possible. Less frequent.

3 come whom to be you talk to? -This is an extremely formal. Girlfriend can find this question kind in written, really formal language.

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When the question words are supplied alone that is still

4 v whom? come whom? for whom?


The exactly sentence is:

Whom do you want to speak to?

The standard means to tell, is to replace who through he/she and also whom v him/her, then re-arrange the sentence for this reason it renders sense:

For instance: "whom perform you desire to speak to" i do not care "do you want to speak to him", which sound correct.

Whereas: "who perform you want to speak to" i do not care "do you want to speak to he" which is plainly incorrect.


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