HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A battle is unavoidable over blue ribbons and also who has the legal best to say whether they deserve to be taken under in one Harris ar neighborhood.

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The ribbons have become a national symbol of assistance of legislation enforcement in irradiate of strikes on police -- you"ve checked out them tied approximately trees, columns, and also posts. Us told you critical week just how residents and also the Cypresswood community Association were locked in battle over the ribbons. The association, the end of concern for the recurring look that the neighborhood, claimed the ribbons required to come down.

Officers say adhering to last week"s deadly ambush in Dallas, they"ve to be on the receiving end of random acts of kindness.

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Then hundreds gathered to put them earlier up. Blue ribbons stretch follow me Cypresswood Drive, the three-and-a-half miles between Kuykendahl and the phibìc Freeway."I love them due to the fact that I think we have to support ours police," said Pat Adcock, who resides nearby.This weekend, someone took a photo of a woman cutting the ribbons under -- again. You deserve to see she holding scissors and also ribbon. Eyewitnesses claimed she to be saying she go it since of the association"s stance against the ribbons. The rekindled a society media firestorm.
"So if somebody comes and cuts them under there, somebody versus that, i don"t prefer that at all," stated Charlie Diggs, who stays nearby.On Monday, most of the ribbons were ago up. Someone replaced them -- again, for a third time.The Cypresswood ar Association has actually a meeting set for Monday at 7pm. The ribbons will be discussed. No one from the association responded to our repeated attempts this day for comment.A spokesperson for Harris ar Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle claims they have actually looked right into the issue and also concluded that, while the esplanade on which the trees are planted is owned by the county, because it is maintained by the Cypresswood Homeowner"s Association, deed restrictions as set forth through the combination apply.



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