(December 3, 2019) - one more Tuesday, another traffic tip! This main we room going to emphasis on turning right top top a red light, but more specifically ~ above a red arrowhead light.

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Most motorists (should it is in all drivers, but to err is human) recognize that a appropriate on an simple red irradiate is allowed after comes to a finish stop and looking to make certain traffic is clear. Vehicles may then proceed to do their ideal turn. The just time this is NOT permitted is as soon as the intersection is marked with a “No turn On Red” sign, which have to be affixed to the web traffic light write-up near the irradiate itself. When it pertains to a specialized right turn lane the then display screens a solid red arrow, vehicle drivers often acquire confused. Is a best on red tho permitted when an arrow, or go one must wait till the arrowhead turns green?

The answer is yes, you might turn appropriate on a red arrow after as soon as again comes to a complete stop and checking that website traffic is clear. Florida State state 316.075 covers traffic signals, and states:

a. The driver of a car which is quit at a plainly marked protect against line, however if none, prior to entering the crosswalk ~ above the near side the the intersection, or, if none climate at the suggest nearest the intersecting roadway wherein the driver has actually a view of approaching website traffic on the intersecting roadway prior to entering the intersection in obedience to a steady red signal might make a best turn, however shall productivity the right-of-way come pedestrians and other traffic proceeding as directed by the signal at the intersection, except that municipal and county authorities might prohibit any such right turn versus a secure red signal at any type of intersection, which prohibition candlestick be effective when a authorize giving notification thereof is erected in a ar visible to traffic approaching the intersection.


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In short, in defining a “steady red indication” the statute does no differentiate between a circular red light and also a red arrow light. A best on red might be make in both instances noted there is no authorize prohibiting the appropriate turn. The an excellent news is yes sir no must sit at the red arrow and wait forever for green; simply make certain to stop, look, and proceed once safe to carry out so.

Click here for Florida State statute 316.075 in that entirety, and drive safely!


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