Add humiliation to Injury Meaning

Definition: to say other rude to a human who currently has competent a misfortune; to perform something to do a bad situation worse.

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Origin that Add humiliation to Injury

This expression has actually existed in English because the mid 1700s. However, some sources point to the roman fabulist Phaedrus as the an initial person to document a similar expression.

This guy wrote a story about a paris that little a male on the head. The male tried to slap the fly, but, instead, he finished up hitting himself in the head. Therefore, not just did the fly hurt the man, he embarrassed himself together well.

A expression with a similar definition is to kick someone while he’s down.

Examples that Add insult to Injury

In this example, two sisters are talking around a to wash mishap.

Amy: oh no! What occurred to your tennis outfit?

Kimberly: i accidentally put one red amount say in through all mine white clothes while act laundry. The red color of the sock turned every my white clothing pink.

Amy: Hah! you look ridiculous!

Kimberly: Don’t add insult to injury! ns am already sad I destroyed my expensive clothes.

Amy: you right. Ns sorry!

In the 2nd example, two friends are pointing out the results of a soccer try out.

Keira: Hey! ns made the varsity football team! did you make varsity or junior varsity?

Rory: Neither.

Keira: What do you mean? Everyone that tried out gained onto the team. If you to be good, you got on varsity, and if you weren’t good, you acquired onto junior varsity. It’s it s okay if friend only gained onto small varsity. Simply tell me.

Rory: i wish I obtained on the small varsity team. I didn’t do it on either team. And also to add insult to injury, ns the only human in the entirety school who tried out and didn’t make it top top the team.

Keira: it is awful!

More Examples

This is an instance from one article around a driver who drove onto a roof accidentally. He says he to be trying to protect against a tricycle.

This excerpt is from an advice column. A human accidentally referred to as a woman a man, and wasn’t certain if apologizing would certainly make things better or worse.

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The expression to add insult to injury means to take a poor situation and also worsen it. That can also mean come hurt someone’s feelings after something negative happened to him or her.


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