A do-not-resuscitate order, or DNR order, is a clinical order written by a doctor. It instructs health treatment providers no to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if a patient"s breathing stops or if the patient"s love stops beating.

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Ideally, a DNR bespeak is created, or set up, prior to an emergency occurs. A DNR order permits you to select whether or not you desire CPR in an emergency. The is particular about CPR. That does not have actually instructions for other treatments, such as pain medicine, other medicines, or nutrition.

The physician writes the order only after talking about it v the patience (if possible), the proxy, or the patient"s family.

CPR is the treatment you receive when your blood circulation or breath stops. It may involve:

Simple initiatives such as mouth-to-mouth breathing and also pressing on the chestElectric shock to restart the heartBreathing pipe to open the airwayMedicines

If girlfriend are close to the end of your life or you have disease that will not improve, you can choose whether you desire CPR to it is in done.

If you carry out want to obtain CPR, you execute not need to do anything.If you perform not want CPR, talk v your doctor around a DNR order.

These can be hard selections for you and those who are close to you. There is no hard and fast rule about what you may choose.

Think about the issue while you are still able come decide for yourself.

Learn more about your medical condition and what to mean in the future.Talk to your doctor around the pros and also cons of CPR.

A DNR order might be a part of a hospice treatment plan. The focus of this care is not to prolong life, yet to treat symptom of ache or shortness of breath, and also to keep comfort.

If you have a DNR order, you constantly have the best to change your mind and request CPR.

If you decision you want a DNR order, tell her doctor and health care team what friend want. Your doctor must follow your wishes, or:

Your doctor may transfer your care to a medical professional who will lug out your wishes.If you are a patience in a hospital or nursing home, her doctor have to agree to settle any type of disputes so the your wishes are followed.

The doctor can fill the end the form for the DNR order.

The physician writes the DNR order in your medical record if you room in the hospital.Your doctor have the right to tell you exactly how to obtain a wallet card, bracelet, or various other DNR documents to have actually at residence or in non-hospital settings.Standard develops may be accessible from her state"s room of Health.

Make sure to:

Inform your health care agent (also referred to as health treatment proxy) and family of your decision

If girlfriend do adjust your mind, talk v your medical professional or health treatment team best away. Likewise tell her family and caregivers around your decision. Destroy any type of documents you have actually that include the DNR order.

Due to disease or injury, you may not be able to state your wishes about CPR. In this case:

If your doctor has currently written a DNR bespeak at her request, your family members may not override it.You may have actually named who to speak for you, such as a health treatment agent. If so, this human or a legitimate guardian deserve to agree come a DNR order for you.

If you have not called someone to speak because that you, under part circumstances, a family member deserve to agree come a DNR order for you, yet only as soon as you are not able to make her own clinical decisions.

No code; End-of-life; carry out not resuscitate; execute not resuscitate order; DNR; DNR order; development care directive - DNR; Health care agent - DNR; Health treatment proxy - DNR; End-of-life - DNR; Living will - DNR

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