Languages are living creatures; constantly evolving, always on the move. And also every language has verbs that are offered for plenty of different purposes, such as echar in

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Yes, echar method “to throw,” and in a moment, we’ll see specifically what the dictionary says about it. But in reality, we room talking about a verb that’s completely alive, adaptable, and constantly at hand for just about any usage speakers desire to provide it. Why echar? And, i beg your pardon of its plenty of uses and idioms must be consisted of in the thesaurus as part of the meaning?

Keep reading to explore the meanings and also idioms the the verb echar and 25 the the most usual ways to use it.

Echar Meaning and Idioms

According come the royal Academy, echar is a transitive verb that originates from the Latin iactare. Its first an interpretation says that echar method “to make something to go somewhere, boosting it.” Then, that course, that offers an additional 47 definitions, i m sorry is why us are here to guide you through the 25 most common.

It’s vital to cite that echar is a constant verb, which means that it follows the most typical conjugation sample in Also, countless of the means to use echar we’re about to research qualify as idioms, definition echar is just component of an expression and also the an interpretation of the verb may not translate exactly to the dictionary meaning (all 48 of them).

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25 crucial Ways to usage Echar in

1. Come Throw

“To throw” is the most usual translation that echar. You can echar something come the trash can or a sphere to your friend. Synonyms in room lanzar and tirar.

Eché tu camisa en el bote de la ropa sucia. – ns threw her shirt in the wash tub.

¡Te eché el balón y no lo atrapaste! – ns threw girlfriend the ball and you didn’t capture it!

2. To Pour

If friend think about it, putting a drink is favor throwing it into a glass. Hence this usage of the verb echar in

Échame un poco más de vino. – pour me a tiny bit an ext of wine.

3. To include (to a dish)

In English, you add BBQ sauce to her steak or salt to your soup. In, you merely le echas a small bit of this or that.

Le eché cilantro a mis tacos. – I added coriander to my tacos.

4. To Send (in a mailbox)

When friend send a letter by mail, the verb in is enviar. However, when you placed the letter in the mailbox, the verb we use is echar. It renders sense, together you’re “throwing” the letter within the mailbox.

¿Ya echaste la carta en el correo? – have you sent the letter in the mail?


5. To Fire (someone)

In, once someone gets fired you deserve to use 2 verbs: despedir and also echar. In this case, despedir is a an ext formal term.

Me echaron de mi trabajo. – castle fired me.

6. To relax Smoke

When other (like a chimney or a car) is release smoke, you deserve to say that it’s echando humo. Together if the chimney to be “throwing” the acting away.

Tu coche echa mucho humo. – Your auto releases a lot of smoke.

7. To litter Out, To absent Out

Echar can also mean to throw someone out or kick someone the end of a place.

Nos echaron de la biblioteca por hacer mucho ruido. – us were kicked out from the library because that being too noisy.


8. Come Ruin, come Rot

This is the an initial of number of idioms we’ll see today. Echar a perder method to damage something. You have the right to use it come say miscellaneous is broken, however food can additionally echarse a perder if the goes bad.

¡Echaste a perder mi teléfono! – You destroyed my phone!

Olvidé congelar la carne y se echó a perder. – i forgot to placed the meat in the freezer and it rotted.

9. To take it a Look

Echar un vistazo or echar un ojo room expressions that mean essentially the same thing: to take a look. Vistazo way “a glance” or “a look,” when ojo literally means “eye.”

Échale un vistazo a tu hermana y asegúrate que está bien. – take a look at at your sister and also make sure she’s okay.

Le eché un ojo a tu pintura y car está quedando muy bien. – i took a watch at your painting and also is coming along really well.

10. To Lock, to Shut Down

Echar la llave or echar el candado means “to shut the lock.” Llave equates as key, while candado way lock. The idea behind this expression is to make sure that the door or the house has actually been properly shut down.

Échale la llave y vámonos. – Lock the door and also let’s obtain out that here.

11. To miss (someone or something)

In some countries like Mexico, when you miss someone you usage the verb extrañar. In various other countries, Spain because that example, they express this idea with an idiom: echar de menos.

Todavía no dare vas y ya car echo de menos. – friend haven’t left yet and I’m already missing you.

12. To add Fuel come the Fire

Echar leña al fuego is a beautiful idiom whereby the verb echar is actually making use of its original meaning. It way “adding fuel come the fire,” to make a bad situation worse. Yet leña means firewood, therefore you can see you yourself “throwing” firewood ~ above a fire.

Déjalo así; no le eches leña al fuego. – Let that go; don’t include fuel come the fire.

13. Come Put effort into Something

Echarle ganas a algo way to put effort into something. You deserve to echarle ganas to your studies, your marriage, or your gym routine.

Échenle ganas chicos, es nuestro último partido del año. – placed some initiative into the guys, it’s ours last video game of the year.

14. To resolve Down

Echar raíces refers to the moment when a human or family members settles under in a place.

Carlos ya no va a volver; echó raíces en Argentina. – Carlos is not coming back; he cleared up down in Argentina.

15. To assist Out

Echar una mano is one idiom that way “to aid out,” or together a comparable idiom in English: “to provide a hand.”

¿Me echas una mano con mi tarea? – deserve to you give me a hand with my homework?

16. To LOL

Sorry, I’ve constantly wanted to include LOL in mine writing and be maybe to justify it. Echarse a reír a carcajadas means to laugh the end loud. You can simply reírte, or laugh, but when friend te echas a reír a carcajadas it’s because it’s something hilarious, choose LOL.

Le conté nuestra idea y se echó a reír a carcajadas. – i told him about our idea and also he began laughing the end loud.

17. To back Out

When friend have given your word and committed to something, like acquiring married and also suddenly ago out, the expression for the is echarse para atrás.

Me diste tu palabra, no car puedes echar para atrás ahora. – You offered me your word, friend can’t earlier out now.

18. Come Reproach

Echar en cara is an expression used when you desire to reproach or disapprove of someone.

Mi mamá siempre me echa en cara que no le ayudo en casa. – Mi mom constantly reproaches me that i don’t aid her at home.

19. To Nap

In, you deserve to dormir una siesta (literally: to sleep a nap) or echar una siesta (literally: to throw a nap).

Estoy demasiado cansado, voy a echar una siesta. – I’m as well tired, ns going to take it a nap.

20. Come Burst right into Tears

Echar a llorar. just like with laughing the end loud, friend can also burst right into tears and also use echar. The basic idea is that world throw themselves to the floor, in this case, come cry.

Cuando mi padre se fue, me eché a llorar. – once my dad left, ns burst into tears.

21. To become Independent, To remove Someone

When infant birds are all set to leaving the colony they “throw” themselves right into the sky and start flying. That’s the analogy behind the idiom, echar a volar. Volar means “to fly,” so when kids are all set to become independent they start flying by themselves. Nowadays, the expression is much an ext prosaic, as human being use it as soon as they desire to get rid of someone.

¿Cuándo vas a echar a volar a tu novia? – once are you going to get rid of your girlfriend?

22. To Blame

Echar la culpa way “to blame.” as if la culpa (blame) to be something that you can throw come someone.

Yo no hice nada, pero mis hermanos me echaron la culpa. – ns didn’t do anything wrong, but my brothers blamed me.

23. To gain Oneself a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Echarse un novio(a) means to gain oneself a romantic partner.

Ya es hora de que te eches una novia. – the time for you to get yourself a girlfriend.

24. To Celebrate

A long time ago, when there was a huge celebration in a town, the regional church would certainly ring the bells come express happiness. In, the idea of celebration remained in the idiom echar las campanas al vuelo, which way “to celebrate.” It’s typically used to express the idea of not celebrating with anticipation.

No echemos las campanas al vuelo hasta que no hayamos firmado el contrato. – Let’s not celebrate till the contract is signed.

25. To litter Up One’s Hands

Echarse ras manos a la cabeza or “to throw up one’s hands” is a descriptive photo of someone surprised, upset, or horrified.

Cuando metí el autogol el entrenador se echó ras manos a la cabeza. – once I score that own goal the coach threw increase his hands.

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