Daily Verb Lesson: French for understand is entendre

The French for understand is the continuous -RE verb entendre.To remember this, imagine girlfriend understand the double-ENTENDRE that you hear!Entendre can also mean: come hear, come mean. Related native include:-s"entendre (avec) (vr) : to understand one another, to gain along (with),to hear oneself/another.-l"entendement (nm): understanding.-dépasser l"entendement : to be beyond belief.Most verbs finishing in -dre space conjugated in this means such together : confondre, détendre, entendre, étendre, fendre, pendre, prétendre, tendre, tondre, tordre.

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Exception: prendre (to take) and also its compounds.Learn and remember French words, try Cartoon memory Triggers. Come remember a word, think that the pic! to recognize : entendre Imagine girlfriend understand the double-ENTENDREthat girlfriend hear!VERB conjugation TABLE entendreSimple tenses entendrePresent Participle: entendant TENSEje/j"tuilnousvousilsPresentPrésentunderstandentendsentendsentendentendonsentendezentendentPast ImperfectImparfaitunderstoodentendaisentendaisentendaitentendionsentendiezentendaientSimple PastPassé Simpleunderstood entendisentendisentenditentendîmesentendîtesentendirentFutureFuturwill understandentendraientendrasentendraentendronsentendrezentendrontConditionalConditionnelwould understandentendraisentendraisentendraitentendrionsentendriezentendraientPresent SubjunctiveSubjonctifmay understandentendeentendesentendeentendionsentendiezentendentCompound tense entendre past Participle: entenduPresent PerfectPassé Composéhave understoodai entenduas entendua entenduavons entenduavez entenduont entenduPast PerfectPlus-que-Parfaithad understoodavais entenduavais entenduavait entenduavions entenduaviez entenduavaient entenduFuture PerfectFutur Antérieurwill have actually understoodaurai entenduauras entenduaura entenduaurons entenduaurez entenduauront entenduConditional PerfectConditionnel Passéwould have understoodaurais entenduaurais entenduaurait entenduaurions entenduauriez entenduauraient entenduImperativeImperatifunderstand!entends !entendons !entendez ! ← Yesterday"s lesson | more French class | add Daily French lessons to your Website complimentary entendre is a continuous RE verb.Learn entendre and it will certainly reinforce the pattern for every those other regular RE verbs.Do these verbs every day because that a month and you will have actually a solid knowledge of the RE verbs" shortcut patterns.

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There space many much more French Verb Tables favor this one.YOU have the right to easily add these daily French verb class to your website - free through copying and also pasting some code we give you.You can more easily remember words and also verbs prefer the French verb entendre - French for understand - utilizing the methods of the world"s storage Masters.

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