So, together you’ve probably currently been able to tell, not whatever is sweet about the HHR. The less powerful engines nothing really net you better fuel economy. On optimal of this, the HHR is probably the worst tall-ish auto I’ve ever before driven in regards to visibility.

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The windows aren’t fairly as poor as the Camaro, however they definitely hold their own for bad visibility. The form of the windshield and also the front windows result in a yes, really thick A-Pillar, which consequently makes a blindspot large enough because that a sizable chunk the Hyundai to disappear into. Behind visibility is fine thanks to the big enough rear window, yet you’ll discover yourself struggling as soon as again as soon as you shoulder check prior to a lane change. Every column on this auto is bigger than it seems prefer they should be.


The defect don’t protect against there. The interior is, unfortunately, very mid-’00s GM, which is come say “plastic fantastic.” The interior is make of hard plastics the go on for miles and don’t feel a whole lot different to the touch than a plastic tool from harbor Freight. To the PT Cruiser’s credit, the facelift saw internal quality upgrades, an inner quality update the HHR never ever got.


But despite the downsides, ns still really favor this thing and the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The HHR in our merged fleet has actually the slower 2.2-liter and also I’d describe it as “fine.” it doesn’t set the human being on fire however we’ve been gaining 30 mpg with it, therefore no complaints here. As a sweet bonus, we’ve uncovered it remarkably straightforward to occupational on as well. Regulate arms? That’s favor a 30-minute job total with the right tools. Plus, we deserve to both to speak we very own our attainable dream cars!

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I recognize I more than likely won’t win plenty of hearts over because that these cars. However, ns love the reality that cars like these also existed. In a people where every automobile in a given class looks pretty much the same, at least these space a change of pace. Looking previous the looks, the HHR and also PT Cruiser actually space decent dare that perhaps don’t deserve all of the hate they have actually received.

The internal door handle assembly was made by one accountant who most likely doesn’t read expiration dates in the fridge before eating something and also thinks he has actually IBS.

The steering was boat like and the electric steering motor was much more likely to fail (not every did) yet other 보다 that, it was a hard commuter car. My wife’s 2010 basic (the LS) ran well and also didn’t have actually any significant issues. The came v a PSI monitor right into the little text display was for the Odometer was. For a 2010! that was handy.

The only thing i really did no like around it is that it seemed to take around 300 transforms lock come lock. And looking earlier we have to have operated harder for this reason we could have acquired the turbo one. The one looked favor a the majority of fun.

Sadly that auto was wrecked and also we have actually a Crosstour now. It’s additionally a an excellent people car but my mam still misses the HHR. She offered to call it the “Ben HHR”