If a man kissed the optimal of her head, this short article will present you most likely reasons why and also what would make every of them more likely.

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So, what walk it mean when a man kisses the top of her head? Likely factors why a guy would kiss the top of her head are that the is attractive to you, the considers friend a girlfriend or the he assumed you were emotion sad.There room actually a number of possible factors why a male would kiss the optimal of your head. However, there space some points you can take into consideration to aid figure out the key cause.

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What go it average when a guy kisses top of your head?

Below are likely causes and what would make each of them more likely.
He likes youIf you room the only human being that he kissed ~ above the optimal of the head, he changes his body language when you space around and also he interacts with you differently compared to other people, it would be likely that that did it due to the fact that he is attracted to you.When a guy is attractive to a girl he will often discover excuses to touch her so if he kissed girlfriend on the head while making an excuse to perform so climate it would additionally be likely that he did it as result of being attractive to you.
If the did perform it since he is attractive to you climate it would certainly be most likely that that would display other signs of attraction in his body language and also behavior.These signs can include:
Mirroring your body languageAsking you much more questions than he does come other people when you in a team togetherStanding in your an individual space as soon as talking come youGetting agitated when you’re talking to other menStaring at you then easily looking away once you noticeUncrossing his arms and legs when he an initial sees youSitting upright when he first sees youAdjusting his garments or hair as soon as he an initial sees youPointing his feet in ~ youTalking with a depth voice once you’re aroundBecoming defensive when other males your age are aroundAsking her friends about youBlinking much more frequentlyHis pupils become more dilated when he is through youHe considers you as a friendSometimes, people will kiss your friends top top the forehead and also it might be why the did it come you. This would be much more likely if he likewise does it to other world a lot and also if he reflects the same body language approximately them as he does around you.He desires to be more than simply friendsIf he has actually been your friend for a while then the reason that he kissed friend on the forehead is most likely to it is in a sign that he wants to be more than simply friends v you.If the is why that kissed yourforehead, it would certainly be likely that he would certainly be showing signs of attraction roughly you the you’re no picking up on.
He would certainly be specifically likely to gain agitated once you talk to various other men, make plans based around your schedule and also that he would certainly get defensive or jealous once other men are around.He assumed you were emotion sadIf girlfriend were talk to him around something that made you sad and you to be showing signs of being sad such together watery eyes, sniffing or acquisition deeper breaths, he might have excellent it to reassure you.If that is why that did it then it would be likely that he would only have actually done that then and also not at various other times as well.

Consider what your connection with him is like

The kind of connection that you have with him can have an affect on why that kissed her forehead.If that is a friend, it would certainly make it much more likely the he one of two people did the to reassure you or as result of being attractive to you. It would certainly be helpful to think about the context of exactly how he did it, if you were sad in ~ the time and also the kind of behavior and also body language the he was showing to number out precisely why.If it was a guy that girlfriend were conference for the an initial time climate it would be more likely the he was mirroring attraction. The could also have been a sign of dominant behavior.

Consider the way he reacts to seeing you

The means that that reacts as soon as he originally sees girlfriend will also likely provide you a variety of clues around the means that he feels about you.If he points his feet in ~ you, raises his eyebrows and also smiles, the town hall you as you enter, positions self to be near you, sit or stands an ext upright, adjusts his hair or clothing and his college student become more dilated then it would certainly be most likely that that is attractive to you.

Think around how the interacts with other people

Comparing the method that that behaves about other human being with the way that the behaves roughly you will also aid you in figuring out the method that that feels about you.
If he tends to kiss other woman girlfriend of his on the forehead and also he mirrors the exact same behavior and also body language approximately you, it would certainly be more likely the he has actually an overly flirtatious personality. However, it can still be the situation that he is attracted to you yet he would be an ext likely come show an ext subtle indications of it if that does such as pupil dilation and also pointing the feet at you.Whereas, if he just does it through you and also he transforms his body language approximately you climate it would make it an ext likely that he is attracted to friend assuming the he transforms it in a means that signals attraction.

Look for multiple ideas in his human body language

When you considering the human body language that he shows approximately you make certain to take into consideration multiple body language signals.
There are often plenty of reasons why a human will present a solitary body language signal. This renders it unreliable to attract a conclusion around a guy’s feelings towards you based on a solitary body language signal.However, if he mirrors multiple different signs the attraction in his body language then it would be much more likely that he yes, really is attractive to you.

Consider when and also where he did it

The timing and location of as soon as he kissed your forehead would also be a advantageous thing to consider.
If that kissed you on the forehead when you to be both alone with each other then it would be more likely the he was reflecting attraction come you or that he was trying to reassure you.If the did it as soon as other people were existing then it might be the he to be being polite, showing attraction or gift dominant. It would rely on the paper definition of exactly how he did that to number out the precise reason.
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