You view it everywhere. Malama the Aina. The Hawaiian word mālama means to “take care,” and also aina means land. Therefore take care of the land. Don’t litter, pick up trash, recycle. It’s simple and need to be instinctive. But malama is not simply for the land; it’s for the people. World are precious, and also each deserves our care.

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Community Garden in Manoa. A an excellent way come malama the land. Take benefit and grow your very own produce!



How carry out I incorporate Mālama into my day-to-day Life & genuine Estate Business?

I pride myself ~ above taking care of mine clients. Malama also means serve or honor. These are both words I use to explain my experience. I love come serve. It’s an honor to be chosen by my client to help them with real estate. I additionally chose come be component of a firm that share the very same values and also agrees over there is not only importance in taking treatment of the people, but additionally the land. Hawaii Life Conservation and Legacy Lands is a entire department at our actual Estate brokerage specialized to concentrating on protecting our land and also oceans.

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Kaety Enos Tsukamoto is a REALTOR Associate, SRES, MRP with Hawai"i Life. You can email me atKaetyEnos

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