i am at this time studying Simandl"s 30 researches for wire Bass, and on the sixth one I came upon this term:


Since I"m no acquainted v Italian altoalsimce.orgal Terms, I offered this website to discover out what Poco Meno means.

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poco -> a littlemeno -> less

But I"m not sure what that is claimed to mean. A small less what?


Generally the is to perform with speed/tempo. Poco= a little, meno = less, so, a teensy little bit slower. Slower 보다 marked, or slower than you play the little before. Often adhered to by "mosso".


"Poco meno" is ambiguous. A tiny less what indeed? as it"s merged with "pesante" and a "f" dynamic (what to be the preceding dynamic?) we deserve to guess it"s no asking for a smaller sound. More than likely a small less speed. Clock the conductor and also see what HE think it means!


In my edition of Harriet Cohen"s warrior of Bach"s "Ertödt uns durch dein" Gute" the expression "meno" appears regularly, ~ above its own. I think it method "less" of the previous crescendos, Fortes etc. In the previous i i.e. A go back to normal tempo and loudness.


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