This expression is a much less direct way to describe older people, or probably animals, quite than things or places.

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Origin that Long in the Tooth

This idiom started to show up in creating in the first half the the 1800s. Most sources mention horses together the motivation for this saying, because it is possible to understand the age of a horse by evaluating its teeth.

Despite the fact that horses’ teeth deserve to wear down over time, the idea is the the much longer the this is, the enlarge the equine is. Therefore, this idiom is used to describe aged individuals.

Examples that Long in the Tooth

Here is an example of a mathematics professor and also her student utilizing the idiom.

Student: five no. This is the worst.

Teacher: Why? what’s the matter?

Student: You i will not ~ understand.

Teacher: I could surprise you. If you want to talk around it, I’m right here to listen.

Student: i am having difficulties with friends. Sorry, yet you’re a small too long in the this to recognize the situation.

Teacher: very first of all, it is offensive to speak that. Second of all, with period comes wisdom. Just shot me.

In this example, two friends are discussing a third friend’s brand-new boyfriend.

Monica: Did girlfriend hear the Rebecca has actually a new boyfriend?

Janice: Yeah. However I don’t understand anything about him. Ns don’t even know his name. Every that ns heard was the he’s at sight old.

Monica: Come on, Janice. It is in nice!

Janice: What? the true, isn’t it?

Monica: Well, to be honest, that is a little long in the tooth.

Janice: that’s what i’m saying. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She not an extremely mature herself, so maybe he will be a an excellent influence on her.

More Examples

In this excerpt, the idiom describes an athlete who is quiet young by most standards but is old because that a experienced athlete.

In our 2nd excerpt, the idiom explains an actor that was as well old for a component in a James link movie.

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The expression long in the tooth is another, much less direct, means to describe someone that is older.


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