There is a music band dubbed \"Die Toten Hosen\". Is the a an allegory or just a production by this band v no deeper meaning?



There is the colloquial (youth language) expression

tote Hose

which way \"nothing walking on\" or \"off-time.\", something that is doing not have in energy.

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For example

Gestern Abend battle echt tote hose in der Innenstadt. Yesterday there was nothing walking on downtown.

The literal translation is \"dead trousers.\"


I had actually a teacher that once said the the beginning of this expression comes from men with erectile dysfunction. And also that\"s perfectly plausible, it\"s choose your pants (or what you have inside) space dead (nothing happens).


Indeed \"dead trousers\" describes a guy with erectile dysfunction, yet it has more comprehensive cultural use, definition \"uninteresting\" or \"not worth bothering with\".


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