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In plot Three, Reverend Hale"s opinion the Salem"s court starts to change. Because that the very first two action of the play, Reverend Hale supports the court"s decisions and rulings. In act Three, Deputy governor Danforth and Judge Hathorne disclose their corrupt, selfish nature by arresting everyone who appears to have opinions...

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In act Three, Reverend Hale"s opinion of Salem"s court starts to change. For the very first two acts of the play, Reverend Hale support the court"s decisions and rulings. In action Three, Deputy branch Danforth and also Judge Hathorne disclose their corrupt, selfish nature by arresting everyone who appears to have opinions that difficulty the court"s authority. Hale initially witnesses exactly how Deputy branch Danforth arrests Giles Corey for contempt the court after he refuses come disclose the surname of the human being who overheard cutting board Putnam speak to his daughter about accusing George Jacobs in order to buy his land. Hale additionally disagrees v Danforth"s refuse to permit him to represent John Proctor, who insurance claims to have proof that the girls room lying.

Hale climate watches as Proctor admits his infidelity with Abigail and Elizabeth lies around her husband"s work in an attempt to save his reputation. Before Danforth arrests man Proctor, Hale says,

Excellency, the is a natural lie to tell; ns beg you, stop now before another is condemned! I might shut mine conscience come it no an ext - private vengeance is working with this testimony! indigenous the start this man has struck me true. By mine oath to Heaven, I believe him now, and also I pray friend call earlier his wife prior to we. (Miller 114)

Hale then watches as Abigail and also the other girls act like Mary Warren"s invisible soul is attack them. Proctor is then arrested and also accused the witchcraft, which pressures Reverend Hale come denounce the proceedings. By the end of act Three, Reverend Hale to trust the court is extensively corrupt and also heavily affected by Abigail"s lies. He end up quitting the court and also attempts to sway the accused citizens to lie around being involved in witchcraft in bespeak to conserve their lives.