It was getting dark; the warm humid winds go out from the starless sky over the top of tired ranch workers in the quiet town of Weed.

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George, along with the rest of his team headed towards the cabin as Lennie, the familiar giant complied with behind. Today had actually been a lengthy day; every worker had been top top the ar for over twelve hours. Functioning overtime was the only method to do an extra couple of dollars i beg your pardon was crucial to numerous of the men.

together they come to the cabin, one by one the males washed and prepared for the next day. The clock struggle nine and also the cabin walk silent, the sounds of George snoring echoed as the rather slept in peace.

The restricted hours that sleep ticked by and also were quickly over. The following morning arrived as the alarms walk off, the sound of exhausted men yawning whizzed from bed to bed together the men acquired up because that a tough day the labour.


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as usual Lennie was last come wash and so once again George had actually to wait as George and also Lennie were as one force. George stuck by Lennie throughout his life together he to be the only type of family members he had. Lennie’s lacks of understanding lead to him being George’s responsibility and so George stuck by him throughout everything. Yet both guys left the cabin and collection of for the fields.

The sun was blazing down, droplets of sweat poured down their deals with as they come to the fields. Both men had actually arrived late for the third time this week; they got straight to job-related as the ceo walked through inspecting exactly how everyone was obtaining on’You late again georgy boy, carry on this means and u’ll it is in hitting the road and that goes because that the huge one too’ pointing his brief crooked fingers to the direction of Lennie ‘Won’t occur again boss’ replied George hesitantly. The ranch employees were terrified that the boss, he to be a mysterious guy, no one actually knew anything about him permit alone his really name. The would spend his whole day walking v the areas looking because that someone in the wrong because that him to choose on. George just kept out his means as he didn’t want no trouble just wanted to do the money and also head turn off to to buy a tiny farm house and also live the American dream.

The work finally concerned an end, and on optimal of whatever it was a Friday, looking forward to the 2 days turn off George and also the boys determined to go into town. As the guys headed of for the cabin Lennie adhered to walking half a mile behind the remainder as usual to sing to the self. ‘Go straight earlier to the cabin and also go come bed, me and the boys gonna hit inta city so don’t continue to be awake’ instructed George to Lennie’Ok George’ replied the big fellow, repeating quiet the instruction native George. Lennie made his method back in the direction of the cabin strolling through the muddy areas all alone denting giant footprints behind him.

As he arrived back to the cabin every alone, he watched George and the other guys making their way for a night out. Back Lennie never ever asked to sign up with them he felt left out, that felt different and also less crucial as he was the only male left behind. Feeling sympathatic towards himself he decided to go off because that a walk rather of going back to an north cabin.

He started walking v the dark muddy fields, his boots extended with large bulks of mud making it difficult for him come lift that the floor to take it the following step, shed in his own thoughts he brought on walking until his leg finally got stuck so deep in the dirt he dropped, his large figure fell to the ground v an impact leaving the ground surface all uneven. That layed motionless ~ above the ground because that a couple of second before deciding to gain up. Finally he made an initiative to get earlier to his feet as soon as to his shock he realised a young ladies standing over him looking down at him providing her hand to pull him up. The gazed into her eyes, his head began spinning her beauty was undescribable she red lipstick shone aginst the moonlight as her lengthy silky hair ran under her back. Shocked by she beauty Lennie just lugged on looking into her eyes, she looked ago into his with a puzzled smile flashing turn off her confront ‘you yes sir there?’ the females asked politely ‘you want a hand acquiring up large man, no you see thea authorize no walking with the fields at night! it’s there because that a reason!’

Lennie was shed in her beauty, no listening to nothing she stated he put out his hand come accept help from the women, she got on to his substantial rough hand trying to traction him up making use of both she soft hands. She make the efforts to traction the large man turn off the ground who made no effort to shot get increase himself, he simply gazed right into her eyes as if that was shed in them. She supplied all her stamin to help him up but Lennie didnt relocate an inch. As she released the power, tired of pulling, Lennie gave a slight pull on she left hand.

The women came flying down straight ontop of him yet hitting she head against the mud. The women layed directly over him, Lennie’s love beat raised as the women didn’t move, he gently turned she of him to his left. While moving her human body of self he establish droplets that blood on she forehead. Lennie’s heart rate increased, he began to take lengthy deep breathes and also got come his feet instantly. The stood above her come realise she had hit her head ~ above a rock which layed top top the mud. Lennie’s panic started to increas now that he figured out the women was dead, the was now going to obtain into trouble once again and also let George down.

Feeling terrified and also confused, Lennie made a run, he ran through the areas falling ~ every couple of steps together he establish a light being shone in his direction, it to be his boss. ‘What you doing out below at this time large man’ shouted the ceo curiously through his voice echoeing through the fields, but Lennie’s fear forced the to disregard the boss and also carry on running. The ran and ran untill he finaly made it come the cabin. Lennie entered the cabin and also went directly to his bunk whereby he satellite up wait for George. Hours went past and the males were no back, Lennie left the cabin and stood outside.The winds blew with force and a few minutes later Lennie witnessed George and also the males walking back in the distance, George witnessed Lennie exterior the cabin from a much distance and also ran in the direction of him.

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‘What you doing increase awake at this time, i told u ns was going to be late’said George in a dim and tired voice and suddenly Lennie bursted right into tears together he defined himself to George about what happened. After hearing the news George additionally began to scare ‘we need to leave Lennie now’ both guys packed their bags as the other men dropped into your deep sleep and also left together they had no various other choice. Return Lennie had meant no injury on th females Lennie’s life would be at risk, he would be blamed because that murder and also with no proof to prove his innocence he would most likely be killed. The only way to avoid this to be to walk on the run so both men set off for the woods to obtain as much away indigenous the town of weed together possible.