While the 3 brothers wait to hear how Dally and Johnny room doing, reporters and also policemen concerned the hospital to speak to them.Pony currently wasn"t feeling well, so gaining bombarded with concerns from reporters doesn"t help.Luckily, Darry gets them to leave Pony alone.Sodapop, meanwhile, is do the reporters laugh through clowning around, stealing their hats, and also pretending to be a reporter himself, interviewing hospital staff.Pony puts some grease in his hair and also combs it; he really doesn"t want his hair come look bad in the papers.Jerry tells Pony that the reporters were so camera happy due to the fact that Soda and also Darry look choose movie stars.Eventually even Soda loses interest in the reporters, and he drops asleep v his head on Darry"s lap. His brothers should be so tired.Pony tho feels like he"s in some crazy dream.As the reporters room leaving, one asks Pony, "What would you perform right now if you might do anything you want?" (7.4).Pony says, "Take a bath" (7.5).Finally, the physician comes the end to speak to them.Dally is walking to spend a couple of days in the hospital, for this reason they can tend come his melted arm, however then he"ll be fine.But Johnny is "in vital condition" (7.10), v a broken ago and "third level burns."Johnny might not live.Pony holds ago the tears, do the efforts to make himself believe that no one of this is real.On the method home Pony drops asleep in the car. Soda make the efforts to wake him when they obtain home, yet it doesn"t work.So Darry carries Pony in and also puts him to bed. Pony had actually "forgotten just how soft a bed yes, really is" (7.20).Pony"s the first one up the following morning and, after a shower, the goes into the kitchen to do eggs.Soon, Two-Bit and Steve come over, and also Two-Bit seems really happy to view him.Two-Bit asks Pony what it feels prefer to it is in a hero, and shows Pony today"s newspaper and also the short article titled, "JUVENILE DELINQUENTS revolve HEROES" (7.35).The short article tells the entirety story, from the church fire come the death of Bob.Cherry Valance and Randy Adderson, Bob"s friend, were both quoted as saying the Bob was drunk, and also that Johnny action in self-defense.Pony and also Johnny likewise have to walk to juvenile court since they ran far from home.The file questions even if it is Johnny will live, but Pony to know his friend will.Unbelievably, there space no charges versus Dallas, and the record doesn"t even talk around his criminal record.Dallas is going to it is in so mad around that.The record also indicates that the courts might break-up up Darry, Soda, and also Pony.When Darry wakes up, Pony asks his brothers if he knows he has to go come court.Darry found out about it last night, native the police.Pony speak him he had actually his recurring nightmare, i beg your pardon he can never fairly remember.Darry look at afraid for him.Pony had that dream for the an initial time the night after ~ his parents" funeral.He"d woken increase screaming, however couldn"t remember the dream.This happened so much that Darry took Pony come the doctor. The doctor recommended the Pony boost his studying, his reading, his drawing, and also his football.This basically worked, yet the dream tho comes ago from time to time.Soda tells Pony the they"re planning a huge party, after i beg your pardon there will certainly be a rumble and the Greasers will certainly run the Socs the end of town.Pony asks if Sandy will certainly be Soda"s date for the party, and everybody gets uncomfortable.When Sandy"s parents heard about Soda"s marriage proposal, they sent out her come live v her grandmother.Darry and also Soda leaving for work, if Two-Bit stays behind through Pony, that does some cleaning come prepare because that the society workers" investigate of their home.Later, as they"re walking to the hospital, Pony realizes the a blue Mustang is complying with them.He wants to operation away, yet Two-Bit seems to think it"s safe.Randy Adderson and David, the guy who tried to drown Pony, are in the car.Pony gets into the vehicle to talk with Randy, when Randy"s friends and Two-Bit wait for them.Randy tells them just how surprised that is that Pony, Johnny, and also Dallas conserved those kids.He states wouldn"t have actually saved them, and he can"t believe Greasers would execute something prefer that.Pony tells him that it doesn"t need to do with whether you"re a Greaser or not, however with who you space as a person.Randy claims he"s tired of every the fighting.Bob was his best friend, and also now he"s dead and also Bob"s mommy "has had a worried breakdown" (7.106).He says that Bob"s parents provided him too plenty of things, and also never forbade that from doing anything.Randy says that Bob did all those poor things in the really hopes that his parental would treatment enough to shot to stop him.Randy talks around Johnny being on the verge that death.He claims that in the rumble tonight some other guys might get ache or killed, and also still nothing will certainly change.He says, "You can"t win also if girlfriend whip us. You"ll quiet be whereby you were before—at the bottom.

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And also we"ll still be the lucky ones, v all the breaks" (7.108).Randy states he"s to plan to relocate away.Pony tells him that won"t readjust anything either.Randy states he to know that, however he has to leave. That can"t lug himself come fight in the rumble, however if that doesn"t, the others will certainly say he"s a coward.Pony states he desire he could assist him, and also that he knows that Randy would"ve conserved the youngsters from the burning structure if he"d to be there.Randy smiles and also thanks him.When Two-Bit asks Pony what the Soc had to say, Pony tells him, "He ain"t a Soc <…>, he"s simply a guy" (7.119).Pony feels far better now, discovering that "Socs just guys after ~ all" (7.121).