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resource Spotlight is pleased to spotlight Text, Talk, Act, occurred by Creating neighborhood Solutions in partnership with SAMHSA"s national Children"s Mental wellness Awareness Day. Creating community Solutions, a nationwide Dialogue top top Mental health and wellness partner, is hosting its an initial Text, Talk, Act event for college student on might 7, 2015. Usage Text, Talk, Act with your students come talk around the prominence of taking care of her mental health - and also helping a girlfriend in need - v a funny and an innovative text-based dialogue.

tip of the week


by Brian van Brunt, Ed.D.

to trust on a little bit is an problem I"ve written around before. I"m writing around it again adhering to a conversation through a conference attendee who was providing some feedback top top the Window into BIT having lunch panel, presented at the 2014 Conference.

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Announcing the 7th yearly Conference and the 6th Annual Campus Threat administration Institute

November 17-21, 2015

The Westin Riverwalk in san Antonio, TX


2015 J-BIT speak to for Submissions is Open


The National behavior Intervention Team Association has actually launched the flagship, peer-reviewed scholastic journal, The journal of Campus behavior Intervention (J-BIT). J-BIT is a multi-disciplinary journal intended to encourage scholastic research and also scholarship regarding the function, design, operation, and also assessment of campus behavioral Intervention teams (BITs) in ~ two- and four-year colleges and universities. All published write-ups undergo substantial review by top little scholars and practitioners ~ above the editorial board.

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Journal articles call into one that the four categories:

Threat Assessment

Case Study


Innovative Practice

Click below for more information around J-BIT and a look in ~ our 2015 speak to for Submissions. Submission deadline is June 15, 2015.

A paperback copy that the 2014 journal is easily accessible for acquisition for $99. Clickhereto order your copy online. Want a sneak top at the 2014 journal? Clickhereto see the table the contents, preface, and also introductory i of each article.

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task Board has developed a project Board web page on ours website because that you to share any type of BIT-related project openings on her campus. You can find this source at You re welcome email any position announcements to amanda