A good chainsaw will fell an unwanted tree, but new tree shoots may soon appear unless you uncover the ideal stump killer for the job.

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What to think about When choosing the ideal Stump Killer

Stump killer isn’t a quick-fix systems for gaining rid the stumps. The degradation process can take from a couple of months come a year. Eventually, the stump will decompose, and the feet left behind can be filled in and also smoothed over.

Stump Size and also Location

The size of the stump is a far-reaching factor in deciding whether to manually or chemically remove it. Stumps the sit a couple of inches above ground level deserve to pose a tripping hazard. If the stump is in a part of the yard that sees constant foot traffic, it can be far better to have it manually eliminated for security purposes.

Chemical stump remove products assist kill any type of size stump that would certainly be complicated to remove manually. Smaller sized stumps, less than a couple of inches in diameter, might be worth digging out to remove them sooner.

Working Time

The actual time that takes a chemistry stump remover come decompose a stump have the right to vary, depending on the tree or plant types and whether the stump is green and freshly cut.

In the situation of newly reduced stumps, a stump remove herbicide that travels come the root is important to prevent resprouting. Depending on the product, results may appear within 6 come 8 weeks. The stump itself, however, might not decompose because that another couple of months.

Another form of stump that’s a great candidate for chemical remove is a dead or “seasoned” stump. Although these stumps space incapable of sending out up new shoots, they have the right to be hazardous or in the method of brand-new landscaping plans. In this case, the stump removed product will contain a chemical that hastens the degradation of the old wood, which have the right to take a couple of months or longer.

After a few months, the owner may have the ability to pour kerosene on a partially decomposed seasoned stump and burn it. Some chemical stump remover products are designed to be supplied in conjunction with stump burning. Prior to going this route, inspect with regional fire password to check out if burning the stump is permit in your community.


Chemical stump killers contain potent herbicides and also other chemical materials that hasten stump decomposition. Many stump-removal commodities contain one or more of the following active ingredients:

Glyphosate: Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide the travels in ~ the stump’s vascular mechanism to kill the roots. It’s beneficial in killing green stumps.Potassium nitrate: additionally called “saltpeter,” potassium nitrate not only kills the stump, but it’s additionally one the the best ingredients for helping the decompose quickly. It’s discovered in assets for both killing environment-friendly stumps or for decaying jar stumps.Picloram: Picloram is a systemic herbicide the destroys woody-type plants. This herbicide is found in commodities designed to both kill and also decompose the stump.Sodium metabisulfite: sodium metabisulfite is an not natural chemical that helps degeneration seasoned tree stumps. It’s not expected for use on green stumps that might regrow.


The chemistry in stump killers are often toxic and can irritate skin and eyes or cause respiratory symptom if the fumes room inhaled. The manufacturer will certainly usually suggest wearing chemical-resistant gloves and also goggles. Because that ultimate protection, take into consideration wearing a respiratory mask and protective clothing, consisting of long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Keep children and pets away when treating the stump, and also cover the cure stump with a tarp or board throughout the decomposition process.

Some types of stump remover, especially those containing potassium nitrate, space flammable, therefore don’t use them near an open up flame or smoke throughout application.

Application Process

Various chemistry stump killers may come through slightly different instructions, yet the adhering to application technique is standard.

Using a chainsaw, cut the stump short to the ground and remove side bark to disclose as much surface area as possible.Drill feet in the surface of the stump (more than a few inches in diameter). Alternately, usage a chainsaw to reduced grooves on the stump’s surface.Apply the chemistry stump killer or decomposing agent. Depending on the product, this might mean sprinkling granules in the holes and also then pouring warm water end the stump. That might likewise mean paint a liquid on the surface of the stump or spraying it. Spraying is usually booked for stumps with environment-friendly sprouts, and also the sprouts space sprayed as well.Cover the stump to keep kids and also animals safe.Check top top the stump every 3 come 4 months. Eventually, it will become spongy and can be dug out or burned and then dug out.

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Our top Picks

To qualify as among the optimal picks, the stump-killing product have to effectively destroy the root of a life tree or vine and also prevent that from regrowing. If the product is designed to remove seasoned stumps, it have to hasten the degeneration of the stump so that the owner can quickly remove the continues to be with a shovel. The complying with stump-killing/removal chemicals may differ in type, however each provides a reliable method to get rid of an undesirable stump.