determine the exposition, rising action action, climax, falling action, and also resolution in Homer"s Odyssey.
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The exposition (or introduction) the Homer"s The Odyssey introduces the personality of Odysseus being questioned by Athena and Zeus, she father. She wants to recognize why Odysseus has actually not been able come return home, even though the Trojan War has actually been over because that ten years.

then Athena said, “Father,...

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The exposition (or introduction) the Homer"s The Odyssey introduces the character of Odysseus being debated by Athena and also Zeus, she father. She desires to recognize why Odysseus has not to be able to return home, also though the Trojan War has actually been over for ten years.

Then Athena said, “Father, child of Cronus, King that is for Odysseus that my love bleeds, once I think that his sufferings in the lonely sea-girt island, far away, bad man, from every his friends. 

Later the reader learns the details of Odysseus" trials come return residence as he tells of his adventures and trials (through book 12). In this introductory part of the story, Zeus alludes to the much longer story of the Cyclopes, Polyphemus—the son of Poseidon. Since Odysseus had behaved dishonorably towards Polyphemus (even despite the large ate few of Odysseus" men), Poseidon has actually punished Odysseus by keeping him far from home. At the moment, though, because Poseidon is no present, Zeus release Odysseus so he may return to his wife and son. The is also in this section (Book 1) that Athena instructs Telemachus (Odysseus" son) to look for out what information he may have the ability to find about his father.

In basic the reader learns that Odysseus to be at war; that the Greek god are associated in the story; the our hero upset one god who maintained him one more ten year from his home; and, that his son has actually not provided up hope of his return.

The rising action starts with book Two and also continues throughout the following publications as we discover of Odysseus" adventures, his travels towards Ithaca, the suitors who have actually overrun his home, the attempt on his son"s life, and also Odysseus" come in Ithaca. We view him reunited with 2 of his servants and his son, and learn of the suitors" treatment of the disguised Odysseus. Odysseus has plans to punish the suitors, and Penelope has placed a check of strength before them to view who (so she says) she will marry—based on that can complete the test. (No one however Odysseus deserve to do so.)

The climax of the story takes place when Odysseus, Telemachus and also two servants attack and kill all the suitors. At one point Odysseus phone call on Athena, wondering just how he will be able to bring the suitors to their simply punishment. Athena chides and urges him, saying:

Am I no a goddess, and have ns not defended you throughout in all your troubles? i tell you plainly that even though there to be fifty bands of guys surrounding us and also eager to death us, you need to take all their sheep and also cattle, and drive them away with you. 

The falling activity includes Odysseus" reunion through Penelope: just how she cannot believe it is him and how she exam him come make certain he is that he claims he is—She tells she servant to move Odysseus" bed earlier into his room; only Odysseus would recognize this to be difficult as he built the bed native a tree, and also constructed the room approximately the bed! She says:

Euryclea, take his bed external the bed chamber the he himself built. Bring the bed outside this room, and also put bedding ~ above it with fleeces, great coverlets, and blankets.

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When Odysseus grows angry, wondering who can have relocated the bed, Penelope is persuaded this is her husband, and she lastly welcomes him home. 

The resolution (conclusion) explains how the suitors come in Hades; exactly how Odysseus goes to view his yonsei father, Laertes; and, just how the family members of the suitors come to take revenge ~ above Odysseus. We learn of the taking place fight and also Athena"s capability to bring around peace between them all.