This tiny black piece of rubber have the right to go for this reason fast and make human being crazy... The prize is the hockey puck!Below is an write-up to learn around it:

the an initial hockey puck,the hockey puck history, fun hockey puck facts, dimensions, weight, speed, how it"s made,and lot more...

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If you’ve ever watched an ice cream hockey video game then you recognize there’s no ball. Ice cream hockey offers a strange tiny black object. It is referred to as a puck (see more in the post to know the name).Hockey football player fight for it, handle it v sticks and shot to obtain it throughout the rink into the net, past the goalie.

But how did we end up play hockey choose this?

What go hockey players use before the puck?

According come legends, the an initial hockey players were playing v pieces that frozen cow dung together pucks. However, there is no proof. Other beforehand versions were more than likely made out of pieces of wood and also stones.

The an initial ice hockey puck: who invented it?

The an initial officially taped pucks were lacrosse rubber balls of which the rounded edges were cut. This puck to be square.It is believed to have actually been first recorded in 1875 (during the an initial official hockey match), in 1876 or 1886 relying on the sources... One claims that it was first recorded in print on 7th February 1876 in the Montreal gazette.

In the late 1800" and also early 1900"s, they tried boosting it to make it slide on the ice. Rubber was provided as a coating. Some were 2 pieces of rubber glued together, however they did no last long.

Finally, a new method was occurred in Europe to develop flat balls: a level piece that wood with a coat of vulcanized rubber.It is thought to have actually been the catalyst for the modern-day sport. However, there room no photos or evidences.

Evolution the the hockey puck - standardization and also the Foxtrack

The contemporary puck architecture dates ago to around 1940. Pucks were then made in factories. It to be a mix the rubber and bonding materials and carbon black. The mix was shaped, cut and cured in an oven. Therefore, lock were sort of standardization for consistent play and to facilitate the manufacturing.

The NHL standardised the puck to be used for the league in the early on 1990"s.

At the exact same time, television wanted to enhance the visibility the the puck.The an initial trial was the Firepuck through reflective materials, yet it quit being used.

In 1995/96, the "Fox track clever puck" to be developed. It consists of electronics to monitor its position, permitting the tv to map the path across the ice through a blue aur (or red/green when shot at various speeds). The viewer might track the motion of the puck more easily.Fox television started using castle in 1996.

Material - what is a hockey puck make of?

Have you ever watched a game and wondered what a hockey puck is made of? Well....

Hockey pucks space all do of vulcanized rubber (similar to tires). This material:

can slide quick on the ice (it is very dense)can stand up to shots without damagingis bouncy at typical temperature but does not bounce once cooled down

Vulcanization is a chemical treatment. Sulfur or various other chemicals are offered to transform the physics properties of rubber. This method you keep the positive: the resistance to rust, corrosion and elasticity, yet you settle the softness and elasticity that the unmodified rubber. Learn an ext about vulcanization here.

Hockey puck dimensions & weight

Since the 1990s, the NHL has defined standardized dimensions for the puck (and they are provided in the USA rule publication - dominance 306):

Color = blackThickness = 1 inch = 25,4 mmDiameter = 3 inch = 76,2 mmWeight = in between 5.5 and also 6 ounces (155 come 170 grams)Edge texture = grooves carved into the surface (for the hockey stick to have actually something come grab)

Other sizes and weight can be provided for

children"s hockey leagues (4 to 4,5 ounces = 113g -128 grams blue)for strength training (up come 10 ounces = 283 grams - occasionally red)

Practice or decorative pucks have the right to be found with logos and also in other colors.

Who makes hockey pucks?

NHL games hockey puck have the right to only be made by authorized manufacturers.So far, the major manufacturers have actually been authorized in: USA, Canada, Russia, China, Czech Republic and also Slovakia.

The renowned puck brand are:

Spalding (USA)Viceroy (Canada)Sher-Wood (Canada)InGlasCo (Canada) - official supplier come the NHL as of 2021

Manufacturing process

The key steps are:

Mixing the granular rubber with the bonding product + antioxidants + charcoal dustShape right into a circular log that is 3 inch in diameterCut right into one inch piecesPlace the piece of rubber right into a moldCompress in ~ room temperatureSilk-screen any kind of logos or designs through rubber-based ink


Official pucks room inspected to make certain that:

they are compliant in size and also weight.There is no soft rubberThere space no air bubblesThey carry out not bounce after 10 days of freezing

Pucks the fail room recycled.

Average rate of the hockey puck

During a hockey game, a puck typically reaches speed of 100 miles per hours (161 km/h).

The main Guiness people record is in ~ 110.3 miles per hour (177.5 km/h) by Denis Kulyash ~ above February 2011

However, recordings the are official or not have displayed speeds that 114 and even 118 mph.

They go yes, really fast! which is why safety equipment, including mouthguards, room essentials.

Pucks space frozen before a hockey game

For NHL games, pucks need to be stored at 14°F (-10°C) before being supplied in a game.As disputed in the summary before, the rubber is bouncy. By freeze it, it stays clear of the bounce and also they end up being easier come control.They room stored in a freezer. Pucks room rotated.

How many pucks are used during an NHL game?

To save that temperature, pucks must be adjusted regularly through fresh ones native the freezer.An average NHL game uses over a dozen pucks, periodically a lot of more.

New modern technology makes the lettering adjust color based upon temperature. This cautions the officials the it is time to change the puck.

Fun fact

Sometimes the puck flies and ends up in strange places! This was the instance of Alexander Wennberg, a sweden player. The puck acquired lodged in his trousers, so he skated to the goal and squatted to make it loss (the use of hand is not allowed). The goal in reality counted.

Why is it dubbed a puck?

The origin of the work puck is no clear. (oxford says "unknown origin")The miscellaneous suggestions are:

from the Scottish Gaelic puc or the ireland poc, definition "to poke, punch or provide a blow"from the old English indigenous "pouke" which method “devil,” “evil spirit,” - note; the “Puck” was a mischievous Satyre heart in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream". He was constantly “poking world the dorn way.”From the Irish resolved in Halifax, Canada that were playing hurling in i beg your pardon the verb to puck to be used

A hockey puck is likewise referred to as a "biscuit".

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Hockey puck in other languages - exactly how is it called

in French = Palet (in France) or Rondelle (in Canada) - the name has actually its beginning in the form of the puckIn German = Eishockey-PuckIn Russian = хоккейная шайба ("khokkeynaya shayba")in Finnish = kiekkoIn swedish = hockey puck

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