The main difference between heartwood and also sapwood is that heartwood is the dead, inner hardwood whereas sapwood is the outermost part of a timber that is living. Furthermore, heartwood occupies a huge portion that the cross-sectional area the the hardwood while sapwood rectal a tiny area. Moreover, sapwood is regularly light in color when contrasted to the heartwood.

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Heartwood and also sapwood room the two locations in a cross section of a woody stem. Both species of wood perform a crucial function in a tree.

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1. What is Heartwood – Definition, Features, Function 2. What is Sapwood – Definition, Features, Function 3. What are the Similarities between Heartwood and Sapwood – outline of typical Features 4. What is the Difference between Heartwood and Sapwood – comparison of an essential Differences

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What is Heartwood

Heartwood or duramen is the inner part of the woody stem, containing a plugged secondary xylem. The development of the heartwood is gene programmed. V the growth, the stem rises its diameter through forming new xylem and also phloem. Therefore, the an ext centered, old xylem becomes useless.


Figure 1: fresh Cross ar of Laburnum

Then, this part of xylem converts right into a component with an important function come the tree. Because that that, the cell of the facility of the trunk die and also chemical compounds accumulate in them. Few of these compounds space resins, terpenes, and also phenols. Thus, this provides a dark color to the heartwood. Also, this gives it the resistance come decay and the ability to stop insects and also fungal infections. Moreover, this allows functional alteration. Hence, the main role of the heartwood is to carry out structural support to the tree.

What is Sapwood

Sapwood or laburnum is the starting kind of timber of any type of tree. It occurs from a slim layer of cell beneath the bark dubbed the vascular cambium, i m sorry produces timber cells to the inside and bark cells to the outside. Therefore, the sapwood constantly contains newly-forming cells that space alive. Also, because these cells do not contain any deposited chemistry compounds like resins, the sapwood is lighter in color and also soft in texture. However, that is more prone to fungal and insect attacks.


Figure 2: hardwood Growth and also Structure

The main function of sapwood is to carry water and nutrients throughout the plant. Collectively, water and nutrients are well-known as the sap. Also, the cells in the sapwood carry out structural support to the tree as well.

Similarities between Heartwood and also Sapwood

Heartwood and sapwood room the two types of timber that occur in a cross ar of a woody tree.A considerable part of both types of wood has the second xylem. Also, both kind from the action of vascular cambium.Also, both species of timber are essential for the maintain of life the a tree. They administer structural assistance to the tree.

Difference in between Heartwood and also Sapwood


Heartwood refers to the thick inner component of a tree trunk, yielding the hardest lumber while sapwood describes the soft external layers that the recently formed wood in between the heartwood and the bark, include the to work vascular tissue. Thus, this is the key difference between heartwood and sapwood.

Also called as

Moreover, one more name the heartwood is duramen and also that the sapwood is alburnum.


Another difference in between heartwood and sapwood is that the heartwood occurs in the center of the stem when sapwood wake up in the peripheral region.


Furthermore, the cells of the heartwood are comparatively old, and also most that them space dead while the cell of sapwood room young and also most that them room alive. Furthermore, the heartwood has densely-arranged cells while the sapwood cells room loosely-arranged. Hence, this additionally a difference between heartwood and also sapwood.


Also, the color is an additional difference between heartwood and sapwood. Usually, heartwood is dark in shade while sapwood is irradiate in color.


Besides, the heartwood is heavier 보다 the sapwood.

Hard or Soft

Additionally, the heartwood is difficult while sapwood is soft.


Xylem likewise contributes to a difference in between heartwood and sapwood. Heartwood mainly has the dead and non-functional an additional xylem if sapwood mainly has the living and also functional secondary xylem. Furthermore, in heartwood, the lumen that the tracheids and also vessels are plugged through the tyloses development but, the lumen that the tracheids and vessels in sapwood are not interrupted.


One various other difference between heartwood and sapwood is your composition. Heartwood contains an ext lignin when the sapwood contains more cellulose than the other.


Furthermore, heartwood serves as an insulator while the sapwood serves together a conductor.


Their function is also a significant difference in between heartwood and also sapwood. Heartwood is responsible for offering the structural assistance to the tree. In contrast, sapwood transport water, and nutrients while providing structural support. 


Moreover, heartwood is resilient while the sapwood is no durable. Furthermore, heartwood is resistant to insects and also fungal epidemic while the sapwood is more prone come fungal infections and also insect attacks. Therefore, heartwood is perfect for furniture yet not the sapwood.

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Heartwood is the innermost, hard section of a woody stem, which mainly includes plugged secondary xylem. Because of its durability, heartwood is far better for furniture. Top top the other hand, sapwood is the outermost, soft part of the woody stem, consists of functional secondary xylem. The main function of sapwood is to carry sap. However, the heartwood mainly offers the structure support. Therefore, the key difference in between heartwood and sapwood is the structure and function.


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