Which of the complying with is not a layer of the epidermis?A) stratum basaleB) stratum granulosumC) stratum reticulumD) stratum corneum
C) stratum reticulumpage 153: there isn"t a stratum reticulum. The epidermis of special skin is composed of 5 layers. From deep come superficial, this layers are stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum. (Study tip: try the mnemonic BSGLC--Betty"s Skin Glows choose Candles) Note: thin skin lacks the stratum lucidum; thus, it is composed of only the four significant layers.

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EpidermousThe superficial class of the skin is composed of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium.
Which of the complying with statements suggests the means in i m sorry the body"s herbal defenses protect the skin native the results of UV damage? A) The skin is safeguarded by the synthetic of three pigments that contribute to the skin"s color. B) Carotene, which accumulation in the stratum corneum and also hypodermal adipose tissue, is synthesized in huge amounts in the visibility of sunlight. C) The skin is safeguarded by increasing the number of Langerhans" cells, which help to activate the immune system. D) an extensive exposure come the sunlight induces melanin dispersion, which in turn acts together a herbal sunscreen.
D) an extensive exposure to the sun induces melanin dispersion, which subsequently acts as a herbal sunscreen.
What is the an initial threat to life from a huge third-degree burn?What is the very first threat come life native a massive third-degree burn?A) catastrophic fluid lossB) infectionC) unbearable painD) lose of immune function
A) catastrophic fluid losspage 165: The prompt threat to life resulting from serious burns isa catastrophic ns of body fluids include proteins and also electrolytes.This leader to dehydration and also electrolyte imbalance, and also then renal fail (kidney shutdown) and circulatory shock(inadequate blood circulation due to lessened blood volume). To save the patient, the lost fluids need to be replaced immediately via the intravenous (IV) route.
In the skin epidermis, the 4 top layers room of what type?A) dendritic cellB) karatinocyteC) fibroblastD) erythrocyte
Despite its evident durability, the dermis is subject to tearing. How can a human know that the dermis has actually been extended and/or torn?
The illustration of visible, silvery-white scars is one indication of extending of the dermis.ex: stretch marks throughout pregnancy
diffusing through the tissue fluid from blood vessels in the dermispage 152: like all epithelia, the epidermis relies on capillaries in theunderlying connective tissue (the dermis in this case) because that its nutrients.
The dermis is a strong, flexible connective tissue layer. I beg your pardon of the complying with cell types are likely to be uncovered in the dermis?
fibroblasts, macrophages, and mast cellspage 154: Its cells are usual of thosefound in any kind of connective tissue proper: fibroblasts, macrophages,and sometimes mast cells and white blood cells.
In addition to defense (physical and chemical barrier), the skin serves various other functions. Which of the adhering to is another critical function of the skin?
It converts modified epidermal cholesterol to a vitamin D precursor crucial to calcium metabolism.Page 163: when sunlight bombards the skin, modification cholesterol moleculesare convert to a vitamin D precursor, which is transported via the blood to various other body locations to be ultimatelyconverted to vitamin D, which plays miscellaneous roles in calcium metabolism.
An epidermal dendritic cabinet is a specialized ________.A) melanocyteB) nerve cellC) phagocytic cellD) squamous epithelial cell
Which form of skin cancer appears as a scaly reddened papule and tends to flourish rapidly and metastasize?A) Squamous cabinet carcinomaB) MelanomaC) AdenomaD) Basal cell carcinoma
A) Squamous cell carcinomaPage 164: Squamous cabinet carcinoma, the 2nd most typical skin cancer,arises from the keratinocytes the the stratum spinosum. The lesion shows up as a scaly reddened papule (small, rounded elevation) the arises most often on the head (scalp, ears, and lower lip), and hands.
If a splinter penetrated the skin right into the 2nd epidermal great of the single of the foot, which cells would be damaged?If a splinter penetrated the skin into the second epidermal layer of the sole of the foot, i beg your pardon cells would certainly be damaged?A) lucidumB) spinosumC) basaleD) granulosum
A) lucidumPage 153: Stratum Lucidum (Clear Layer) with the irradiate microscope, the stratum lucidum (loo9sid-um; "light"), clearly shows onlyin thick skin, is a slim translucent tape just over the stratum granulosum, BSGLC--Betty"s Skin Glows prefer Candles.
Which statement correctly describes why hair shows up the way it does?A) Kinky hair has flat, ribbonlike hair shafts.B) Perfectly ring hair shafts an outcome in wavy hair.C) Air balloon in the hair shaft reason straight hair.D) Gray hair is the result of hormonal activity altering the chemical composition of melanin.
A) Kinky hair has flat, ribbonlike hair shafts.Page 157: If the tower is flat and also ribbonlike in overcome section, the hair is kinky; if the is oval, the hair is silky and wavy; if that is perfect round, the hair is straight and tends to be coarse.
Although the integument is a covering, it is by no way simple, and some that its functions include ________.A) the dermis providing the significant mechanical obstacle to chemicals, water, and also other exterior substancesB) residents macrophage-like cell whose role is come ingest antigenic invaders and also present them come the immune systemC) cooling the human body by boosting the activity of sebaceous glands throughout high-temperature conditionsD) epidermal blood vessels serving together a blood reservoir
B) residents macrophage-like cells whose role is come ingest antigenic invaders and also present them come the immune system
Sweat is secreted by ________.A) sudoriferous glandsB) mammary glandsC) ceruminous glandsD) sebaceous glands
A) sudoriferous glandsPage 160: Sudoriferous glands, which incorporate eccrine and also apocrine sweat glands, produce sweat.
Which skin-color-associated, pigment-producing cabinet is located in the labeled layer D?A) Merkel cellB) fibroblastC) keratinocyteD) melanocyte
D) melanocyte Melanocytes within the stratum basale develop the colors melanin, i beg your pardon is deposited in ~ the deeper class of the epidermis.
C) ceruminous glandsPage 161: Ceruminous glands room modified apocrine sweat glands uncovered in the lining that the external ear canal. Your secretion mixes through sebum developed by nearby sebaceous glands to type a sticky, bitterness substance referred to as cerumen, or earwax, which is thought to deter insects and block entrance of international material.
The dermis has two significant layers; i m sorry of the complying with constitutes 80% that the dermis and is responsible for the stress and anxiety lines in the skin?A) the subcutaneous layerB) the reticular layerC) the hypodermal layerD) the papillary layer
Page 151: The dermis has actually two layers, the papillary and reticular, which abut one an additional along one indistinct boundary
Keratinocytes are critical epidermal cell due to the fact that they ________.A) room able to transform from living cell to plasma membranes and still functionB) develop a fibrous protein that gives the skin much of its safety propertiesC) space able to reproduce sporadically as neededD) room a an effective defense versus damaging UV rays
B) produce a fibrous protein that offers the skin lot of its protective propertiesPage 152: The chief function of keratinocytes is to develop keratin, the fibrous proteinthat helps offer the epidermis its security properties
Which of the complying with terms describes the hypodermis layer?A) papillarB) epidermalC) reticularD) subcutaneous
D) subcutaneous web page 151: The hypodermis ("under the skin") class is also referred to together the subcutaneous region.
Male pattern baldness has a genetic switch that transforms on in solution to ________.A) sizeB) male hormonesC) ageD) weight
B) male hormonesPage 159: True, or frank, baldness is a different story entirely. The mostcommon type, masculine pattern baldness, is a gene determined, sex-influenced condition. It is thought to be brought about by a delayed-action gene the "switches on" in adulthood and changes the an answer of the hair follicles come DHT dihydrotestosterone), a metabolite of testosterone.
Sudoriferous glands differ in circulation over the surface of the body. I m sorry of the complying with is correct?A) Eccrine space the many numerous, being uncovered primarily in the axillary regions.B) Apocrine glands are larger than eccrine, and empty secretions straight to the surface ar of the skin.C) Ceruminous glands secrete cerumen, i m sorry is thought to deter insects.D) Mammary glands room not thought about a amendment sweat gland.
C) Ceruminous glands secrete cerumen, i beg your pardon is thought to deter insects.Page 161: Ceruminous glands room modifiedapocrine glands discovered in the lining the the exterior ear canal. Their secretion mixes with sebum created by adjacent sebaceous glands to form a sticky, bitter substance referred to as cerumen, or earwax, the is believed to deter insects and block entry of international material.
________ is one inherited problem that influence the heme pathway; it leaves the skin scarred and gums degenerated, and may have led come the folklore around vampires.A) PorphyriaB) Decubitus ulcerC) ImpetigoD) Rosacea
A) PorphyriaPage 171: an inherited problem in whichcertain enzymes necessary to type the heme of hemoglobin the blood room lacking.

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Which the the following would most likely be discovered in the stratum spinosum?A) melanocyteB) Merkel cellC) dendritic cellD) cornified cell
C) dendritic cellPage 153: Dentritic (Langerhan"s) cells space phagocytic cells the migrate into the epidermis and also are most abundant within the stratum spinosum (layer C in the figure)
Which great of the dermis is directly listed below the epidermis?A) hypodermisB) reticular layerC) papillary layerD) stratum basale
C) papillary layerPage 151: The papillary layer of the dermis, i beg your pardon is the superficial great of the dermis, lies just beneath the epidermis. The is a thin layer the areolar connective tissue in which fine interlacing collagen and also elastic fibers type a loose woven mat.

Hole"s Essentials of human being Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis