Lead(II) iodide Identifiers Properties
various other names lead diiodide, command iodide
CAS number 10101-63-0
molecule formula PbI2
Molar mass 461.05 g/mol
Density 6.16 g/cm³
melting point

403 °C

boil point

872 °C

Solubility in other solvents 1 g in 1350 mL cold water1 g in 230 mL hot water
other than where detailed otherwise, data are given for products in their typical state(at 25°C, 100kPa)Infobox disclaimer and references

Lead (II) iodide (PbI2) is a toxic, yellowish solid. In that crystalline kind it is used as a detector material for high energy photons consisting of x-rays and also gamma rays. It is also known as plumbous iodide. The CAS registry number is 10101-63-0. That is molecular load is 461.05 g.mol-1.

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Lead iodide is toxic because of its command content.

In the nineteenth century the was supplied as one artists" colors under the surname Iodine Yellow, but it was also unstable to be useful.

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Lead iodide is developed via precipitation by mixing lead(II) nitrate and also potassium iodide:

Pb(NO3)2 (aq) + 2KI (aq) → PbI2 (s) + 2KNO3 (aq)


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