Can you write formulas because that binary ionic and molecular compounds? have the right to you surname binary ionic and molecular compounds? Let's uncover out...

lithium fluoride
lithium chlorideLiCl
lithium bromideLiBr
lithium iodideLiI
lithium oxideLi2O
lithium sulfideLi2S
lithium nitrideLi3N
lithium phosphideLi3P
beryllium fluorideBeF2
beryllium chlorideBeCl2
beryllium bromideBeBr2
beryllium iodideBeI2
beryllium oxideBeO
beryllium sulfideBeS
beryllium nitrideBe3N2
beryllium phosphideBe3P2
boron fluorideBF3
boron chlorideBCl3
boron bromideBBr3
boron iodideBI3
boron oxideB2O3
boron sulfideB2S3
boron nitrideBN
boron phosphideBP
sodium fluorideNaF
sodium chlorideNaCl
sodium bromideNaBr
sodium iodideNaI
sodium oxideNa2O
sodium sulfideNa2S
sodium nitrideNa3N
sodium phosphideNa3P
copper (I) fluorideCuF
copper (I) chlorideCuCl
copper (I) bromideCuBr
copper (I) iodideCuI
copper (I) oxideCu2O
copper (I) sulfideCu2S
copper (I) nitrideCu3N
copper (I) phosphideCu3P
lead (II) fluoridePbF2
lead (II) chloridePbCl2
lead (II) bromidePbBr2
lead (II) iodidePbI2
lead (II) oxidePbO
lead (II) sulfidePbS
lead (II) nitridePb3N2
lead (II) phosphidePb3P2
iron (III) fluorideFeF3
iron (III) chlorideFeCl3
iron (III) bromideFeBr3
iron (III) iodideFeI3
iron (III) oxideFe2O3
iron (III) sulfideFe2S3
iron (III) nitrideFeN
iron (III) phosphideFeP
lead (IV) fluoridePbF4
lead (IV) chloridePbCl4
lead (IV) bromidePbBr4
lead (IV) iodidePbI4
lead (IV) oxidePbO2
lead (IV) sulfidePbS2
lead (IV) nitridePb3N4
lead (IV) phosphidePb3P4
copper (II) fluorideCuF2
copper (II) chlorideCuCl2
copper (II) bromideCuBr2
copper (II) iodideCuI2
copper (II) oxideCuO
copper (II) sulfideCuS
copper (II) nitrideCu3N2
copper (II) phosphideCu3P2
aluminum fluorideAlF3
aluminum chlorideAlCl3
aluminum bromideAlBr3
aluminum iodideAlI3
aluminum oxideAl2O3
aluminum sulfideAl2S3
aluminum nitrideAlN
aluminum phosphideAlP
magnesium fluorideMgF2
magnesium chlorideMgCl2
magnesium bromideMgBr2
magnesium iodideMgI2
magnesium oxideMgO
magnesium sulfideMgS
magnesium nitrideMg3N2
magnesium phosphideMg3P2
potassium fluorideKF
potassium chlorideKCl
potassium bromideKBr
potassium iodideKI
potassium oxideK2O
potassium sulfideK2S
potassium nitrideK3N
potassium phosphideK3P
calcium fluorideCaF2
calcium chlorideCaCl2
calcium bromideCaBr2
calcium iodideCaI2
calcium oxideCaO
calcium sulfideCaS
calcium nitrideCa3N2
calcium phosphideCa3P2
iron (II) fluorideFeF2
iron (II) chlorideFeCl2
iron (II) bromideFeBr2
iron (II) iodideFeI2
iron (II) oxideFeO
iron (II) sulfideFeS
iron (II) nitrideFe3N2
iron (II) phosphideFe3P2
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