One the the many important materials of a sentence is the adjective. This component of speech is so common that civilization use it practically automatically, both in speech and in writing. Because that you to understand the ide of adjectives better this short article will price the complying with questions:

What is an adjective?What space the attributes of adjectives?What room the various kinds of adjectives?What space the degrees of adjectives?

Aside from answering the basic questions and defining the associated terms, various instances will likewise be consisted of in this brief write-up.

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What is one Adjective and also its Functions?

An adjective is a component of decided which describes, identifies, or quantifies a noun or a pronoun. For this reason basically, the main role of one adjective is to modify a noun or a pronoun so the it will certainly become much more specific and also interesting. Instead of simply one word, a team of words through a subject and a verb, can also duty as one adjective. As soon as this happens, the group of words is called an adjective clause.

For example:

For example: My brother, that is lot older than I am, is one astronaut.

In the example above, the underlined clause modifies the noun ”brother.” however what if the group of indigenous doesn’t have actually a subject and a verb? What do you think the resulting group of words will be called?

If you think it’s dubbed an adjective phrase, you space right. As you could recall, phrases and clauses are both groups of words and also the main distinction is that clauses have subjects and also verbs, if phrases don’t.

For example: She is prettier than you.

What are the different Kinds the Adjectives?


Now that you already know the answer to the question, “What is an adjective?” you should recognize that not all adjectives are the same. They modify nouns and pronouns differently, and also just prefer the other parts that speech, there are various kinds of adjectives. This are:

1. Descriptive Adjectives

Among the different kinds that adjectives, descriptive adjective are more than likely the most typical ones. They just say something around the top quality or the kind of the noun or pronoun they’re referring to.


Erika is witty.She is tired.Adrian’s reflexes room amazing.2. Adjectives of Number or adjectives of Quantity

As the name suggests, this type of adjective answer the question, “How many?” or “How much?”


Twenty-one students failed the exam.The tree need much more water.3. Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives point out pronouns and also nouns, and always come prior to the words they room referring to.


I offered to purchase this kind of shirts.When the old guy tripped over that wire, that dropped a whole bag of groceries.4. Possessive Adjectives

Obviously, this sort of adjectives reflects ownership or possession. Aside from that, own adjectives always come before the noun.


I can’t answer mine seatwork because I don’t have a calculator.Trisha offered his dog.5. Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative adjectives ask questions and also are constantly followed by a noun.


What movie space you watching?Which plants should be placed over here?

What room the levels of Adjectives?

There are just three levels or levels of adjectives (also well-known as degrees of comparison) namely, positive, comparative, and superlative. Once you talk about or describe only a single person, place, or thing, you must use the optimistic degree.


She is a beautiful lady.It was a memorable trip.

If on the various other hand, you are comparing two persons, places, or things, the is ideal to usage the comparative level of the word. Normally, friend will require to add “-er” to transform the word right into its comparative kind or include the native “more.” Also, words “than” should be included after the adjective in the comparative degree.


This swimming swimming pool is bigger than that one.Ashley is more intelligent 보다 Aldrin.

*Note: because that words finishing in “y,” friend should an initial change the “y” into “i,” and also then add “-er” (e.g., lovely-lovelier; pretty- prettier; tasty- tastier)

Lastly, if you are comparing more than 2 things, the superlative form of the adjectives have to be used and the word “the” must be included before the adjective. In stimulate to transform the adjective into its more comparison form, girlfriend just have actually to add the suffix “-est” or the word “most.”


That is by far, the tallest tree ns have ever before seen in my whole life.This is the most vital match that the season.

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*Note: because that words finishing in “y,” friend should first change the “y” right into “i,” and then include “-est” (e.g., lovely-loveliest; pretty- prettiest; tasty- tastiest)

Final Thoughts

This article entitled “Basic Grammar: What is an Adjective?” deserve to be really helpful because that beginners who desire to enhance their grammar an abilities and ace the English subject. If you really have a deep understanding of what is one adjective, you will certainly surely be able to use this ide to your compositions properly. Simply remember that although adjectives seem a small trivial, an effective use that this component of speech have the right to actually strengthen your writing.