What is Phosphorus Pentachloride?

Phosphorus pentachloride is a pale greenish-yellow solid with the formula PCl5.

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Phosphorus pentachloride is well-known to have actually the salt-like structure in the crystalline state and also to be partially dissociated in solution, especially in polar solvents such together nitrobenzene. It have the right to be prepared by the action of dried chlorine on phosphorus trichloride.

As per the law of mass activity Phosphorus pentachloride vaporizes nearly without dissociation in an environment of chlorine gas or phosphorus trichloride, the dissociation equilibrium is change to the left through the visibility of product.

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Other name – Phosphorus(V) chloride, Pentachlorophosphorane

PCl5Phosphorus Pentachloride
Density2.1 g/cm³
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass208.24 g/mol
Boiling Point166.8 °C
Melting Point160.5 °C
Chemical FormulaPCl5

Phosphorus Pentachloride structure – PCl5


Physical properties of Phosphorus Pentachloride – PCl5

OdourIrritating odour
AppearanceGreenish-yellow crystalline solid
Covalently-Bonded Unit1
Molecular GeometryTrigonal bipyramid
SolubilitySoluble in water

Solid PCl5 exist as

In the hard state, PCl5 prefers to exist as oppositely fee ion favor + and also − as ionic bonding boosts the crystalline nature. The shape is much more stable in the ionic form as it creates the tetrahedral and octahedral shape.

Chemical properties of Phosphorus Pentachloride – PCl5

PCl5 + 4H2O → H3PO4 + 5 HCl

Phosphorus pentachloride reacts with sulfur dioxide develops Phosphoryl chloride and also Thionyl chloride.

SO2 + PCl5 → POCl3 + SOCl2

Phosphorus pentachloride reacts through sulfur dioxide to type phosphoryl chloride and also thionyl chloride is not a oxidation reaction. The oxidization states of facets did not adjust during the reaction.(SO_2 + PCl_5 ightarrow SOCl_2 + POCl_3)

Uses that Phosphorus Pentachloride – PCl5

Used together a chlorinating agent and catalyst ш do organic chemicals, intermediates, dyestuffs, etc.Used together a catalyst in the manufacture of acetyl cellulose the plastic film on i beg your pardon motion pictures are printed.Used as a chlorinating agent in necessary chemistry.In pharmaceutical sector it is provided in the manufacture of penicillin and also cephalosporin.Used to develop acid chlorides and also as a catalyst because that cyclization and also condensation reactions.

Frequently Asked concerns – FAQs

How PCl5 is formed?

Phosphorus Penta chloride is prepared by pass an overfill of dried chlorine into liquid trichloride. Chlorine reacts with phosphorus trichloride and solid phosphorus penta chloride is formed.

What are the supplies of PCl5?

Used as a chlorinating agent and also catalyst ш making organic chemicals, intermediates, dyestuffs, etc. Supplied as a catalyst in the to produce of acetyl cellulose the plastic film on i beg your pardon motion photos are printed. Provided as a chlorinating agent in essential chemistry.

What happens when phosphorus pentachloride reacts with water?

Phosphorus pentachloride reaction vigorously v water to generate gaseous HCl. Based upon a scenario wherein the chemical is spilled into an overfill of water, half of the maximum theoretical yield of Hydrogen Chloride gas will be produced in 0.54 minutes.

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Is PCl5 trigonal pyramidal?

PCl5 has actually a shape of trigonal bipyramid whereas IF5 has actually the form of a square pyramid.