Sports room a component of Bangladesh society and human being get entertain by it. Many types of gamings are playing in Bangladesh in your ar and likewise internationally. The most well-known sports that Bangladesh space Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and also hockey. The national sport that Bangladesh is Kabaddi. There have some timeless sports observe typically in the landscape area i.e Lathi Khela, bili Khela, Kabaddi.People get much more pleasure come see and also play this game.

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NSC (National sports Council) watch after all sports federation and Council that Bangladesh. Games in BangladeshThere are many different occasion played in Bangladesh. Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Chess, Swimming, Athletics and Badminton are most well-known in this country. Presently there are some other gamings are play i.e Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Shooting, Cycling, Boxing, Karete, Table tennis etc.Most Playing sporting activities in Bangladesh.The most popular and also most playing games is Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, chase and also hockey.

Cricket is many popular and most playing sporting activities in Bangladesh. Human being of Bangladesh like to play and also see this game. Bangladesh has actually a nationwide cricket Team and also this team is able to play Cricket world Cup. Bangladesh got permitted come play test Cricket in 2000. At current our national cricket team play all style crickets. This year Bangladesh will take part ICC human being Cup Cricket in Australia. Shakib-Al- Hasan is one of the finest players in the world. Bangladesh organizes many cricket leagues (Domestic and also International) in or exterior the country.FootballFootball is another most playing game for Bangladesh and likewise much popular. World love come play football and they reap seeing it. Bangladesh football federation (BFF) organized numerous football tournaments. Bangladesh national Football team FIFA location is 176 (October 2014).HockeyHockey is also popular sporting activities in the country. Bangladesh has actually a nationwide Hockey team. In oriental Games, Bangladesh take part on Hockey. Bangladesh Hockey Federation organizes countless tournaments top top this occasion in the country.Kabaddi The national sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi. Most of the world like to play this game. In eastern Games, Bangladesh consistently participates ~ above this event. This game player usage defensive and also offensive technique for collecting suggest for your team.Chase Presently Bangladesh has started playing follow internationally. Bangladesh has three international Grand masters on this event. Locally it is also playing for enjoyment.BadmintonBadminton is also a well-known sports and this video game played greatly in the winter season in Bangladesh. You have the right to see civilization play this game and enjoy it. Bangladesh Badminton Federation looks after these occasions for emerging this game and likewise arranges part tournament.Others Game: part others video game play in Bangladesh.

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GolfGolf is increasing recently. Siddikur Rahman came to be the first Bangladeshi golfers that win the asian Tour event.HandballHandball is likewise played by nationally. In your ar it is likewise played and also people enjoy it.VolleyballVolleyball is likewise played in ours country however internationally our power is not well. Bangladesh Volleyball Federation looks ~ this game.There have plenty of other gamings that people additionally played swimming Table Tennis, Tennis, Boxing, Karate, Cycling, Athletics, and Shooting etc. Bangladesh nationwide Sports Council look after all sports in