The narrator that “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a paradox: together she loses touchwith the external world, she involves a greater understanding of the inner realityof she life. This inner/outer split is critical to understanding the nature ofthe narrator’s suffering. In ~ every point, she is faced with relationships,objects, and situations that seem innocent and also natural but that space actuallyquite bizarre and even oppressive. In a sense, the plot that “The YellowWallpaper” is the narrator’s attempt to avoid acknowledging theextent come which her external instance stifles she inner impulses. Native thebeginning, we watch that the narrator is one imaginative, extremely expressive woman.She remembers terrifying herself v imaginary night monsters together a child,and she enjoys the id that the house they have actually taken is haunted. Yet as partof her “cure,” she husband forbids her to practice her imagination in any kind of way.Both she reason and her emotions rebel at this treatment, and also she transforms herimagination ~ above seemingly neutral objects—the house and the wallpaper—in anattempt to neglect her cultivation frustration. Her an adverse feelings shade herdescription of her surroundings, do them it seems ~ uncanny and sinister, and shebecomes fixated top top the wallpaper.

As the narrator sinks additional into she inner fascination v thewallpaper, she i do not care progressively an ext dissociated from her day-to-day life.This process of dissociation begins when the story does, at the very moment shedecides to store a mystery diary together “a relief to she mind.” From the point, hertrue thoughts are covert from the outer world, and also the narrator begins to slipinto a fantasy world in i m sorry the nature the “her situation” is made clear insymbolic terms. Gilman shows us this department in the narrator’s consciousness byhaving the narrator puzzle over impacts in the civilization that she it s her hascaused. Because that example, the narrator doesn’t immediately understand the the yellowstains on her clothing and the long “smootch” top top the wallpaper space connected.Similarly, the narrator fights the realization that the predicament the the womanin the background is a symbolic variation of her very own situation. At an initial she evendisapproves the the woman’s initiatives to escape and intends to “tie her up.”

When the narrator finally identifies herself v the mrs trapped in thewallpaper, she is may be to view that various other women are required to creep and also hidebehind the domestic “patterns” of their lives, and that she herself is the onein require of rescue. The fear of this story is that the narrator should loseherself to know herself. She has untangled the pattern of she life, butshe has actually torn it s her apart in getting complimentary of it. An odd information at the finish ofthe story reveals how much the narrator has sacrificed. During her final splitfrom reality, the narrator says, “I’ve obtained out in ~ last, regardless of you andJane.” that is this Jane? part critics case “Jane” is a misprint for “Jennie,”the sister-in-law. It is much more likely, however, that “Jane” is the name of theunnamed narrator, who has been a stranger come herself and her jailers. Currently she ishorribly “free” the the limit of her marriage, her society, and her ownefforts to repress her mind.

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