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Issuing a Licenseby making use of Product Activation key (PAK) Fulfillment

Step 1:

Go software program Centraland log in in with your account.

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Step 2:

In theTraditional Licensessection, clickAccess LRP.


Step 3:

In theShow clever AccountandVirtual Accountdrop-down lists, confirm that the correct respective accounts are selected.

Note: If the system screens theWelcome come The patent Registration Portal alert dialog box, you can pick Do not display this blog post again to avoid it indigenous being displayed again.


Step 4:

On the PAKS or Tokens tab, choose the examine box next to the product activation key (PAK) for which you require to problem the license. Click the blue circled chevron icon, and select Get Licenses.


Step 5:

In the Get brand-new License indigenous a solitary PAK/Token dialog box, top top the Assign SKUs tab, indigenous the Virtual Account drop-down list, choose the digital Account. Select the SKU amounts (if applicable) by click the radio button. ClickNext.

Note: If you choose Specific Quantities, add the quantity in the Quantity per Device field.


Step 6:

On the Assign come Devices tab, go into values in the causing obligation fields, and also then click Next.

Note: The info requested ~ above the Assign come Devices tab might vary relying on a product for which you issue the patent key.


Step 7:

On the Finish tab, in the Recipient and also Owner information section, get in your email deal with and the username. Click Submit.


Step 8:

Obtain your software application license vital by clickingDownload in the license Request Status dialog box. Friend should also receive the software program license crucial to your email within one hour native submitting the patent Agreement. After downloading and install your software license key, you deserve to close the window.

Caution: because the email is sent fromdo-not-reply,ensure the you inspect your junk email folder.



If you suffer an worry during the product activation crucial (PAK) fulfillment, open a situation in Support case Manager (SCM).

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Next Steps

After you receive a license crucial file, describe the product configuration overview for license installation and guidance.