i remember reading in high school that the word la banana is in reality a different word in several different countries. Is this true? If for this reason what space the various other similar/equivalent altoalsimce.org words for la banana?



According to WordReference, plátano is the standard/neutral altoalsimce.org word because that the English "banana." Other regional words include:

It"s a little bit more complex than simple translation, because there are several plants the are might be classified together bananas (herbaceous plants of the genus Musa) that are found in countless altoalsimce.org-speaking countries. The English Wikipedia page for "Banana" mentions:

In popular culture and commerce, "banana" usually describes soft, sweet "dessert" bananas. Through contrast, Musa cultivars with firmer, starchier fruit are called plantains or "cooking bananas". The difference is completely arbitrary and also the state "plantain" and also "banana" are occasionally interchangeable depending upon their usage.

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The altoalsimce.org Wikipedia page teams several arrays of plants together and also mentions the they deserve to be called: plátano, banana, banano, cambur, topocho o guineo.

As a specific country example, in Nicaragua, banano means banana (the sweet kind) and also plátano means plantain (the starchy kind).

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In some countries, "plátano" can be offered to describe the very same fruit as "banana". In other countries, "plátano" is used only to refer to a plantain. A plantain is slightly different from a regular banana, and is used somewhat differently.

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In Ecuador we say:

Guineo.- it is what you call a banana in english.Verde.- A cousin of "guineo" the you use for cooking salty dishes, you never eat that raw. Its name come from its eco-friendly colour. Periodically it is referred to as "Plátano", or "Plátano verde".Maduro.- The very same as "Verde" yet after it has end up being yellow and also black, you use it for food preparation sweet dishes and also normally you carry out not eat the raw.Orito .- an additional cousin the "guineo" but it is really tiny and with a very particular taste.
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I am including this summary following what was debated in Juntemos en respuestas wiki ras respuestas cortas específicas de regiones / Let"s use ar wiki come summarize set of short region specific answers. Feel free to modify to include the term provided in your country or region.








BananaGuineo: that is what you contact a banana in English.Verde: A cousin of "guineo" that you use for food preparation salty dishes, you never ever eat the raw. Its name come indigenous its green colour. Periodically it is called "Plátano", or "Plátano verde".Maduro: The very same as "Verde" however after the has come to be yellow and black, you usage it for food preparation sweet dishes and also normally you carry out not eat that raw.Orito: an additional cousin of "guineo" but it is really little and through a very details taste.








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