There room 7 methods to gain from Michigan come Hawaii by plane, bus or train

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Bus, train come Chicago O"Hare, fly to Honolulu

take the bus from cool Rapids, MI come Kalamazoo, MI

Lansing (LAN) come Honolulu (HNL) flights

The trip time in between Lansing (LAN) and Honolulu (HNL) is around 17h 49m and also covers a distance of around 4427 miles. This contains an median layover time of roughly 6h 7m. The fastest trip normally bring away 13h 5m. Services are activate by joined Airlines, Delta, American Airlines and others. Commonly 222 flights operation weekly, return weekend and also holiday schedules have the right to vary so examine in advance.

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The schedules shown below are because that the next easily accessible departures.

Lansing (LAN) come Honolulu (HNL) trip schedules

American Airlines, Southwest airlines
unified Airlines

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The cheapest method to obtain from Michigan come Hawaii is to bus and also train and also fly which costs $180-$1,400 and takes 15h 21m.

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The quickest method to gain from Michigan come Hawaii is to paris which expenses $220-$550 and takes 12h 35m.

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There is no straight flight native Lansing Airport come Honolulu Airport. The quickest trip takes 13h 30m and also has one stopover.