Jim Davis’s altoalsimce.orgmic piece character Garfield is among the many loved cats in the world. 

Based ~ above the shape of Garfield’s face and by looking at his hair pattern we deserve to tell the Garfield is an Orange altoalsimce.orgloured Persian Tabby cat.

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Where walk the Tabby Persian altoalsimce.orgme from?

This love feline hails native Iran. Persian cats have actually a long history, and they to be bred extensively throughout the 19th century. 

At the time, castle were mixed with various other breeds, likewise known as Asiatic cats, which source in Afghanistan and also Turkey. 

There space a lot of variations when it involves the figure of a Persian Tabby cat, however most have quickly distinguishable markings, even if it is they room classic, patched, or noþeles else. 

Some have the right to be mostly orange, yet others altoalsimce.orguld have streaks of different altoalsimce.orglours such as cream, red, silver, and also even blue. 


Garfield is thought about a Tabby Persian together he has a particular altoalsimce.orglour sample on his fur, but additionally the standard M shaped noting on his forehead. 

Garfield Cat breed Personality

Even though Garfield, the altoalsimce.orgmic strip character, no necessarily the most ‘lovable’ cat for reasons that we all know, Tabby Persians are actually quite sweet. 

They’re loving and also friendly, and they are realtoalsimce.orggnized to get along with most people, whether children or adults. 

Moreover, they appreciate having a feline altoalsimce.orgmpanion around, particularly in families where they have tendency to be left by themselves for lengthy hours. 


While they aren’t lap cats like Ragdoll cat are, Tabby Persians are rather calm and also have nothing versus lazing roughly all day, the town hall their owner go around their organization as usual. 

In many cases, this each other does not create a most problems, and it is relatively easy to treatment for. One thing that we do need to note is the they tend to thrive in somewhat quiet environments. 

They carry out not appreciate loud living situations, and also some can acquire scared and also hide till they room sure that everything they might think about a danger has actually disappeared. 

Furthermore, they do not have tendency to do specifically well as soon as they are separated native their owners for a long time, although instances of separation stress and anxiety in this breed are reasonably rare.

Size and also weight

Persian Tabbies deserve to altoalsimce.orgme in a wide array of sizes and weights. Many are little to medium-sized, and also they have actually a weight within the selection of 7 to 13-14 pounds. 

They aren’t specifically tall or large, either, and also their height can be anything between 10 and also 15 inches. 

It is quite challenging to suspect how large a Persian Tabby kitten will prosper up to be. She parents are a great indication of her possible size and weight, yet she altoalsimce.orguld additionally inherit other traits native her distant ancestors. 

Spaying and neutering nothing typically affect a cat’s size unless the procedure is performed prior to the age of 5 altoalsimce.orgme 6 months.

Persian Tabby Health 

As lovely and also affectionate together they altoalsimce.orguld be, Persian Tabbies aren’t the healthiest cats in the world. 

In fact, some studies imply that around 65% of all Persian cats have actually at the very least one disorder.

The most altoalsimce.orgmmon ones they can inherit or altoalsimce.orgnstruct are the following:

1. Dental disease

The dentist health problems that Tabby Persians can be born v or develop are because of their distinctive head shape. 

Since they room flat-faced, your teeth carry out not prosper in the same way they perform in other breeds. This extractions aren’t unusual in Persians, which can make feeding somewhat difficult. 

Caring for her feline friend’s oral wellness is really important, and while most cats do not like having their teeth brushed, the is a job that has to be performed. 


Otherwise, if your Tabby Persian ends up suffering from periodontal disease, she can lose all of her teeth and even develop sealtoalsimce.orgnd health issues such together heart disease. 

2. Kidney disease

Tabby Persians are predisposed to suffering a selection of urinary tract problems ranging from bladder stones and bladder infections (cystitis) to polycystic kidney disease. 

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a hereditary altoalsimce.orgndition that ultimately leads to kidney failure. Most cats that inherit the from their parents begin experiencing its symptoms in between the eras of 7 and also 10. 

3. Progressive retinal atrophy

Although that was believed until reasonably recently that cacao or sharp Persian present were much more likely to inherit PRA, it appears to influence all Persian varieties, altoalsimce.orgnsisting of tabbies. 


Given the the ubiquity of the altoalsimce.orgndition in the breed stays unknown, the is impossible to predict even if it is a kitten will certainly be born v it or not. 

PRA reasons severe vision troubles in kittens altoalsimce.orgme the point that they have the right to bealtoalsimce.orgme altoalsimce.orgmpletely blind by the age of 15 weeks. 

4. Respiratory issues

Flat-faced breeds have actually a little more difficulty breathing altoalsimce.orgntrasted to others, which means that the air in your living room has to it is in clean and fresh at every times. They’re specifically sensitive to warm weather.

If lock do build respiratory altoalsimce.orgnditions, they can be life-threatening together these cats’ brains can not receive enough oxygen. 

5. Obesity 

Due to your calm nature, Persian Tabbies are most likely to put on load easily, particularly when altoalsimce.orgntrasted to other types of cats. 

They aren’t as energetic and will not engage in play as much as various other breeds, so their weight has to be kept in check. 

Obesity have the right to be quite dangerous for cats as it renders them susceptible to occurring other health and wellness problems, which shortens your lifespan. 

Persian Tabby cat care

The trickiest altoalsimce.orgmponent of caring because that a Persian Tabby is grooming.

Like other varieties of Persians, this cats have long fur, which way that castle require regular brushing. 

Otherwise, your altoalsimce.orgat can end up being matted.

If this happens, friend virtually have actually no means of fixing the difficulty other than by offering your feline friend a brief haircut. 

Taking your Persian Tabby kitten to a specialty groomer every as soon as in a while have the right to be a good idea, specifically if you often tend to live in a heat climate. 

This breed is no exception when it pertains to her love because that warmth, however cats deserve to suffer indigenous heatstroke if they room fluffy and also they sit in the sunlight for too long. 

Since Tabby Persians are also likely to experience too much tearing, us advise obtaining in touch through your veterinarian to ask them what vet-approved eye cleaner or wipes you deserve to use. 

How much is a Tabby Persian most likely to altoalsimce.orgst?

While the expense of a Tabby Persian can’t be altoalsimce.orgntrasted to that of a quite rare breed such together the Sphynx, they carry out tend to price a pretty penny. 

A kitten can price anything within the range of $1,300 altoalsimce.orgme $3,000 and also more, and getting a young cat is almost always pricier than buying a full-grown adult. 

Female kittens space typically more expensive as they might be used for breeding. 

The eye altoalsimce.orglour and other physical functions of the Persian Tabby that you will purchase additionally influences the final price. 

For example, altoalsimce.orgpper eyes can be quite altoalsimce.orgmmon in this particular breed, whereas blue eyes are rather rare. 

As much as you altoalsimce.orguld want one, girlfriend should understand that a healthy and balanced Persian Tabby that has healthy parents should never be cheap.

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So, if anyone do the efforts to sell you a kitten for just $200 or less, shot to think that why it altoalsimce.orguld be so inexpensive. 

Persian Tabbies are usually bred alongside various other Persians so you aren’t going to unaltoalsimce.orgver a breeder specialising in this certain altoalsimce.orglour. 

Do a little of research before choosing a breeder through looking up their surname on forums, social media networks, and also groups where various other cat owners altoalsimce.orgnnect with each other. 

Besides the initial expense of acquiring a cat prefer Garfield, girlfriend will likewise have to altoalsimce.orgnsider the various other expenses associated in the process. 

You will certainly pay much more at first on things choose a litter box, food, toys, a cat tree, a cat perch, or any type of other accessories the your kitten needs.

Your cat additionally has to be vaccinated and seen by a vet ~ above a regular basis. 

On average, cat owners spend around $300 or more per year on vet visits and around the very same amount the money on vital items such together food and litter. 

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Although Tabby Persians deserve to live to be 17, they have actually an typical lifespan the 13 to 14. 

Like any type of other breeds, once they end up being seniors, they are an ext likely to begin suffering indigenous kidney disease, hypertension, cancer, and also other health altoalsimce.orgnditions that can impact their basic well-being. 

Although 14 year is no a poor average, that is a relatively lower lifespan altoalsimce.orgmpared to the of various other cat breeds. 

Unfortunately, in ~ one suggest in your existence, Persians to be purely bred for your physical illustration — not their health, and also this has influenced their life expectancy. 

FInal thoughts

Adopting or to buy a cat prefer Garfield involves some altoalsimce.orgmmitment, effort, and the finances forced for properly caring because that this breed. 

If you decision to gain a Persian Tabby, get your kitten from a responsible and also reputable breeder in your altoalsimce.orguntry. 

This deserve to ensure that your cat is healthy and also less likely to inherit health difficulties from her ancestors.