Thoughtfulness around what come eat after gaining a tongue piercing is critical part that aftercare. Swelling, irritation, and general oral discomfort room to be supposed with a brand-new tongue piercing. Additionally, it’s vital to it is in gentle with healing tissue to protect against complications. So, a diet that soft foods and also lots of water is recommended by experienced piercers because that at the very least the first couple weeks of healing.

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One: A Soft Diet preventing Acidic, Hot, Spicy, and also Salty Foods

For the first couple of days up to the full 2 weeks, eat soft foods items helps the piercing heal by no causing extr irritation or damage. Acidic, hot, spicy, and salty foodstuffs should it is in avoided due to the fact that they can extend the ede or cause enough irritation because that the piercing to bleed. Also, think about the level that stickiness that the food: extra “soft” items like oatmeal, peanut butter, and also mashed potatoes room going to stick almost everywhere the mouth and also aren’t in reality a great option.

Another important part about what you have the right to eat after gaining a tongue piercing is chewing carefully during the heal period. The tongue will be swollen for the first few days, and the much longer barbell continues to be in for around 2-3 weeks, till all the ede is gone. Being an ext aware and also deliberate about chewing and also eating throughout this time helps alleviate the opportunity of biting under on the barbell.

To acquire started, break food into smaller piece so over there is much less to chew overall. Place the food carefully in the ago of the mouth ~ above one side or the various other (over her molars), and bite under gently. Be mindful to just bite/chew directly up and also down at an initial as well, which additionally reduce the opportunity of the barbell getting caught in in between teeth.

A completely liquid diet can be beneficial and an ext comfortable for the first few days, yet it is not compelled at all.


Two: Iced or Cold Water and also Beverages

Staying well-hydrated is crucial part the healing any kind of wound, including tongue piercings. Water is always the best option to drink after getting a tongue piercing, yet coconut water, teas, and also juices that space not high in citrus/acid can also carry out plenty that hydration.

Cold and iced beverages have actually the included benefit of help soothe the swelling and also giving some pain relief. Keep away native alcohol, acidic/citrusy juices, and heavily caffeinated beverages after getting a tongue piercing though since they can likewise irritate the tissue similar to spicy foodstuffs can.

It’s essential to stick come a soft food diet because that at the very least the first two weeks of heal or up to 3 or 4 weeks if the ede is persistent (or if you encounter other problems).

Once the ede is gone and also the tongue piercing jewelry is downsized, you can resume your regular diet. Eating food items tenderness is still recommended as you obtain accustomed come chewing foods items with the brand-new barbell in your mouth.

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Feel cost-free to call your professional piercer come ask any type of questions or advice while her piercing is healing—they room happy to help you keep your piercing healthy.