Edger Degas drew a grid over his study of a dancer in stimulate to do the drawing easier to


The ____are credited with the invention of document around 105 C.E.


The predecessor that the graphite pencil, particularly popular during the Renaissance,is

metal point

The coloring product in essentially all illustration media is recognized as


_____ ________ is the most common of all drawing media

graphite pencil

In metal point ,lines are drawn with a silver _____ top top a surface ar coated through a preliminary coating the paint.


Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing #122 is an example of _____ art


The distinction in the color and also consistency that different types of crayons and pastels is due to the use of different


The layout used by George Seurat in Cafe’-concert is


What part of the pen conveys the ink to the drawing surface?


Leonardo da Vinci used illustrations to explore ideas in……

All of these: art ,mathematics ,science ,and engineering

is/are amongst the products besides paper that have noted support because that drawings

All of these :Papyrus ,Cave wall surfaces ,silk ,Fired clay

Because this 20th -century artist, ___ dated many of his drawings over the food of his lifetime, us have nearly a complete visual record of his mind at work


In Shahiza Sikander’s 1 native 51 methods of spring ___ was offered as the medium


A timeless metalpoint ground recipe calls for a mixture of

all that these: bone ash, glue, white pigment, water

Vonne Jacquette’s three Mile Island, Night 1 supplies the tool of


The 20th century understand of the fresco technique who developed the work-related Mixtec society is

Diego Rivera

What is colors in paint

powdered color

is an example of a nonaqueous medium

oil paint

The painting method used in the first century in Egypt, Greece, and Rome that involves the usage of wax is


In buon fresco, or true fresco, colors is blended with water and applied come wet


After building a canvas and before painting it, a artist generally uses a coat of


In fresco painting, a illustration called ___ is moved to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment


Watercolor’s main characteristic is its


two old painting media that are still in use today are

encaustic and fresco

in oil painting, linseed oil acts together a


the an initial acclaimed artist to understand and exploit oil paint was

Jan van Eyck

One that the advantages of oil paint is the it dries an extremely slowly. This enables for

all of these: a ethereal blending the colors, the painting to be reworked indefinitely, the applications of layers of pint on top of one another, an nearly infinite range of consistencies

is watercolor that has been make opaque by adding inert white pigment come it


Pope Julius II to work which 2 Italian Renaissance artist to paint frescoes for him?

Michelangelo and also Raphael

A nonaqueous repaint is one the ___ in something other than water


technically, tempera is paint in i beg your pardon the car is in an


Except in the case of ___, identical multiple impressions are printed to produce editions in printmaking


In printmaking, wherein multiple photos are make from the same original design, every individual publish is referred to as an


If a print is numbered 4/100, it can be deciphered the there space ___ other prints in the edition


The printing technique invented by a German playwright in search of an inexpensive way of posting his plays is


What are the four basic printmaking processes?

screen printing, relief, lithography, intaglio

Which is not four basic printmaking processes?


The earliest recognized printed book contains the earliest making it through woodcut image. The publication was make in the nine century C.E. In the nation of


A rubber rubber stamp creates what form of print


Printing impressions on top of one another from separate blocks in stimulate to attain full-color woodcut prints requires careful alignment the the paper, known as


What room the two key differences in between prints and also most other develops of art?

Prints room made utilizing indirect procedure and this procedure results in multiples of the very same image

One that the main differences between the intaglio and also the relief printing processes is that v intaglio the squid ____ ___ the surface ar of the to press plate

lies below

The earliest-known woodcut was made in


What room the techniques of intaglio printing?

engraving, dried point, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, and also photogravure

A great example that the use of aquatint in creating areas of unmodulated, translucent shade is the print

Woman bathing by mary Cassatt

Which printing method is especially qualified of creating subtle shades that gray?


In printmaking, a plate or block will certainly be cancelled so that no more ___ can be made from it


The idea that a publish is made from a matrix has actually bee altered by the usage of an _____ _____ printer to make prints

artist quality

Lithography is a ____ process, which method that the printing surface is flat, not raised