At the start of September 1962, U-2 spy planes uncovered that the Soviet Union was building surface-to-air missile (SAM) launch sites. Over there was also an boost in the variety of Soviet ships getting here in Cuba i beg your pardon the unified States federal government feared to be carrying brand-new supplies of weapons. President man F. Kennedy complained come the Soviet Union about these breakthroughs and warned them that the United claims would no accept offensive weapons (SAMs were taken into consideration to be defensive) in Cuba.

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As the Cubans now had actually SAM installations they to be in a position to shoot down U-2 spy-planes. Kennedy remained in a an overwhelming situation. Elections were to take ar for the United claims Congress in two month"s time. The public opinion polls showed that his very own ratings had fallen to your lowest suggest since he came to be president.

picture of mountain Cristobal tackled 15th October, 1962

In his very first two year of office a combination of Republicans and also conservative southerly Democrats in Congress had blocked much of Kennedy"s proposed legislation. The polls argued that after ~ the vote he would certainly have even less support in Congress. Kennedy feared that any kind of trouble over Cuba would shed the autonomous Party even an ext votes, as it would remind voter of the only of Pigs disaster whereby the CIA had actually tried come oust Fidel Castro indigenous power. One poll showed that over 62 every cent of the population were unhappy v his policies on Cuba. Understandably, the republicans attempted to do Cuba the main issue in the campaign.

This was probably in Kennedy"s mind when he made decision to limit the flights the the U-2 planes end Cuba. Pilots were likewise told to avoid flying the whole length that the island. Kennedy hope this would ensure that a U-2 plane would not be shoot down, and would prevent Cuba ending up being a major issue during the choice campaign.


On 27th September, a CIA agent in Cuba overheard Castro"s personal pilot tell another man in a bar that Cuba now had actually nuclear weapons. U-2 spy-plane photographs also showed that unusual task was ensuing at mountain Cristobal. However, it was not until 15th October the photographs were taken the revealed the the Soviet Union to be placing long variety missiles in Cuba.

President Kennedy"s very first reaction come the information about the missiles in Cuba to be to speak to a meeting to talk about what have to be done. Robert S McNamara, Secretary the State for Defence, said the development of the executive, management Committee that the national Security Council. Fourteen males attended the meeting and included armed forces leaders, professionals on Latin America, representatives of the CIA, room ministers and personal friends who advice Kennedy valued. Over the next couple of days they to be to satisfy several times. During their discussions they thought about several different strategies for handling the crisis. They consisted of the following:.


(1) carry out nothing. The United says should ignore the missiles in Cuba. The joined States had military bases in 127 different countries including Cuba. The unified States likewise had atom missiles in several countries close to the Soviet Union. That was because of this only right that the Soviet Union need to be permitted to ar missiles in Cuba.

(2) Negotiate. The united States should offer the Soviet Union a deal. In return for the Soviet Union dismantling she missiles in Cuba, the United claims would withdraw her nuclear missiles from Turkey and also Italy.

(3) Invasion. Send United says troops to Cuba to fall Castro"s government. The missiles might then be put out of activity and the Soviet Union could no longer use Cuba together a military base.

(4) Blockade that Cuba. Usage the United states Navy to stop military devices reaching Cuba indigenous the Soviet Union.

(5) Bomb Missile Bases. Carry out typical air-strikes against missiles and also other armed forces targets in Cuba.

(6) nuclear Weapons. Use nuclear weapons against Cuba and/or the Soviet Union.

When stating these strategies. President Kennedy and also his advisers had to take into consideration how the Soviet Union and Cuba would react to decision made by the united States.


At the an initial meeting that the executive Committee of the nationwide Security Council, the CIA and also other army advisers defined the situation. After ~ hearing what they had actually to say, the basic feeling of the meeting was because that an air-attack top top the missile sites. Mental the negative advice the CIA had listed before the only of Pigs invasion, john F. Kennedy chose to wait and instead referred to as for one more meeting come take location that evening. By this time several the the men were having doubts around the wisdom of a bombing raid, fearing that it would cause a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The committee was currently so separated that a certain decision might not it is in made.

The executive, management Committee of the nationwide Security board of directors argued amongst themselves because that the following two days. The CIA and also the military were quiet in favour the a bombing raid and/or one invasion. However, the majority of the committee gradually started to favour a naval blockade that Cuba.

Kennedy welcomed their decision and instructed Theodore Sorensen, a member that the committee, to create a speech in i beg your pardon Kennedy would describe to the civilization why that was vital to i have loaded a naval blockade of Cuba.

As well as imposing a navy blockade, Kennedy also told the air-force come prepare for assaults on Cuba and also the Soviet Union. The military positioned 125,000 guys in Florida and also was told to wait because that orders to attack Cuba. If the Soviet ships moving weapons for Cuba did not turn ago or refuse to it is in searched, a war was likely to begin. Kennedy additionally promised his military advisers the if among the U-2 spy planes were fired upon that would provide orders for an assault on the Cuban SAM missile sites.

The world waited anxiously. A windy opinion poll in the United states revealed that three out that five civilization expected fighting to an episode between the two sides. Over there were angry demonstrations exterior the American Embassy in London as world protested about the opportunity of atom war. Demonstrations also took place in other cities in Europe. However, in the united States, polls argued that the vast bulk supported Kennedy"s action.


On October 24, President man F. Kennedy was educated that Soviet ships had actually stopped just before they reached the United claims ships blockading Cuba. The evening Nikita Khrushchev sent an angry keep in mind to Kennedy accusing the of developing a crisis to assist the democratic Party win the forthcoming election.

On October 26, Khrushchev sent out Kennedy one more letter. In this the proposed that the Soviet Union would certainly be willing to remove the missiles in Cuba in exchange because that a promise by the United states that they would not invade Cuba. The next day a 2nd letter from Khrushchev arrived demanding the the joined States eliminate their nuclear bases in Turkey.

While the president and also his advisers were assessing Khrushchev"s two letters, news came with that a U-2 aircraft had to be shot down over Cuba. The leaders of the military, remind Kennedy the the promise he had made, argued that he should now give orders because that the bombing of Cuba. Kennedy refused and instead sent out a letter come Khrushchev agree the regards to his an initial letter.

Khrushchev agreed and also gave orders for the missiles to it is in dismantled. Eight days later the elections for Congress took place. The Democrats boosted their majority and it was estimated that Kennedy would now have actually an extra twelve pendant in Congress because that his policies.

The Cuban Missile situation was the very first and just nuclear confrontation in between the joined States and also the Soviet Union. The event appeared to surprised both sides and also it significant a readjust in the advance of the Cold War. Few of the direct after-effects of the situation include the following:

(1) The 2 sides developed a direct interactions link that became known together the warm Line. It was hoped that this would aid prevent dangerous confrontations such as the Cuban Missile Crisis arising again.

(2) three months after the Cuban Missile crisis the United says secretly gotten rid of all its nuclear missiles from Turkey and also Italy.

(3) A Test half Treaty to be signed in between the two nations in respectable 1963. The treaty prohibited the experimentation of nuclear tools in the atmosphere.

(4) The 1,113 prisoners captured during the just of Pigs invasion were exchanged by Castro because that $60 million in food, drugs, medicine and cash.

(5) The Soviet Union ended up being determined to have actually a nuclear capability that was same to the unified States. This was accomplished by 1972.

(6) China accused the Soviet Union of gift a "paper-tiger" and also claimed to it is in the true leader that the Communist movement. The split between the Soviet Union and also China became wider.

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(7) The joined States became convinced the the Soviet Union would certainly not walk to battle over one more communist country. It has actually been said that this motivated the United claims to aid attempts to overthrow socialist and communist federal governments in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Grenada.