Symbols room objects, characters, figures, and colors supplied to stand for abstract ideas or concepts.

The Mississippi River

For Huck and also Jim, the Mississippi river is the can be fried symbol the freedom. Alone on your raft, they perform not have to answer to anyone. The flow carries them toward freedom: because that Jim, toward the complimentary states; because that Huck, away from his abusive father and the restrictive “sivilizing” of St. Petersburg. Lot like the flow itself, Huck and Jim room in flux, ready to change their attitudes around each various other with small prompting. Regardless of their freedom, however, they soon discover that they room not completely cost-free from the evils and influences of the communities on the river’s banks. Even early on, the real civilization intrudes ~ above the heaven of the raft: the river floods, bringing Huck and also Jim into contact with criminals, wrecks, and also stolen goods. Then, a thick fog causes them to miss out on the mouth that the Ohio River, which to be to be their path to freedom.

As the novel progresses, then, the flow becomes something various other than the naturally benevolent place Huck originally thought that was. Together Huck and Jim move further south, the duke and also the dauphin attack the raft, and Huck and also Jim need to spend an ext time ashore. Though the river proceeds to offer a refuge native trouble, it frequently merely impacts the exchange the one negative situation because that another. Every escape exist in the larger context the a consistent drift southward, towards the Deep South and entrenched slavery. In this shift from idyllic retreat to source of peril, the flow mirrors the complicated state that the South. As Huck and Jim’s trip progresses, the river, which when seemed a paradise and also a resource of freedom, becomes merely a short-term way of escape that nonetheless pushes Huck and also Jim ever before further toward danger and destruction.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ( Literature overview Series)


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