Do you have actually a Skagen watch that requirements a new battery? You recognize it"s time as soon as your Skagen timepiece stop ticking! below at altoalsimce.org, we often get questions about what the takes to readjust one of these batteries prior to customers order our Skagen clock battery replacement. Us have readjusted hundreds that Skagen watches over the past few years and also wanted to share ours insights.

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How To change A Skagen Watch Battery

Skagen watches are high high quality inside and also out, carefully constructed watches v tight tolerances. This watches are beautifully designed to be incredibly slim and also streamlined. Diluent watches way tighter tolerances and a higher margin the error for mistakes. This means it"s ideal to have actually a professional readjust the battery because that a number of reasons:

Press or screw turn off casebacks. Most Skagens have actually press backs. This enables thinner watches due to the fact that the ago case doesn"t need to have actually room because that screws. Removing press casebacks cleanly without scratching or damaging the Skagen requires the ideal tools (between $15 and also $30) and also training. Improperly removed a case back can result in scratching or even breaking small pieces inside the watch - and also we would never want the to happen!Fine, battery restraint arm. This watches have actually a small moveable arm that holds the battery in place and also completes the circuit. This arm is rather delicate and also sometimes calls for the loosening of a little screw to move it out of the way. It"s crucial to do this very closely to protect against stripping the screw or slipping and damaging the clock coil. Additionally, this screws are tiny and can easily disappear if your no careful!Top quality battery. Many Skagen"s use a size 364 battery, however it"s always an essential to twin check. Right here at altoalsimce.org, we always make certain to use a peak quality battery prefer Energizer, Renata or Sony. It"s also an important to readjust the battery without poignant it with your hands. It"s ideal to avoid gaining the oils from your hands on that to minimize corrosion risk. This will keep your watch to run accurately for many an ext years.Proper situation resealing and also screw tensioning. When the battery has actually been changed, the next step is to change the battery arm and also gently tighten the retaining screw. Change the face retainer clip and also then snap on the caseback. Placing the caseback on effectively requires care. If excellent wrong, it can bend or break pieces inside the watch.

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Invest in a Skagen, invest in it"s care!

If you have actually invested the money in a high high quality Skagen and taken the moment to find just the one friend want, us recommend acquiring the battery readjusted by a reputable professional. While us 100% think the altoalsimce.org is the finest choice, we just treatment that it"s excellent right! Don"t cut corners with a fine timepiece when you a spring to change a Skagen Watch Battery.