Benefits of WindowsPE

WindowsPE was developed to assist OEMs and ITprofessionals boot a computer with no work operatingsystem.

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In the past, OEMs and also IT experts often supplied anMS-DOS-based boot floppy disk to begin a computer. However, anMS-DOS-based boot floppy disk has a number of limitations the makeit complicated to usage for pre-installing windows or recoveringexisting installations or data. That has:

No support for the NTFS file system.No indigenous networking support.No support for 32-bit (or 64-bit) Windowsdevice drivers, making it vital to find 16-bit drivers.Limited assistance for custom applications andscripts.

The limitations of MS-DOS-based startup disks ledMicrosoft to build WindowsPE, i m sorry is currently the Microsoftprimary tool for booting computer systems with no practical operatingsystem. As soon as you boots a computer system into WindowsPE, you canprepare the for home windows installation, and also then begin WindowsSetup indigenous a network or local source. Friend can likewise service anexisting copy of home windows or recover data.

Because WindowsPE is based on the kernel forWindows7, it overcomes the limitations of MS-DOS-based bootdisks by giving the following capabilities:

Native support for the NTFS 5.x filesystem, consisting of dynamic volume creation and management.Native support for TCP/IP networking and filesharing (client only).Native assistance for 32-bit (or 64-bit) Windowsdevice drivers.Native support for a subset the the Win32Application Programming user interface (API).Optional assistance for windows ManagementInstrumentation (WMI), Microsoft Data access Component (MDAC) andHTML applications (HTA).Ability to begin from a number of mediatypes, including CD, DVD, USB flash drive (UFD), and a WindowsDeployment services (Windows DS).WindowsPE offline sessions aresupported.WindowsPE images deserve to be servicedoffline.

This section discusses independent WindowsPE. Customizedversions the WindowsPE supplied in various other products and technologiessuch as WindowsDeployment services may provide differentfunctionality. For more information about using WindowsPE inthese environments, consult the appropriate product documentation.

WindowsPE is a subset the Windows7, and hasthe adhering to limitations:

To mitigate its size, WindowsPE includesonly a subset the the easily accessible Win32 APIs. I/O (disk and also network)and main point Win32 APIs room included.To protect against its use as a pirated operatingsystem, WindowsPE instantly stops to run the covering andreboots after ~ 72hours of constant use. This time period isnot configurable.WindowsPE cannot act as a paper serveror Terminal Server. (Remote desktop is unsupported.)Distributed record System (DFS) name resolutionis supported for standalone root only. Domain roots are notsupported. Standalone DFS roots enable for a DFS root the existsonly ~ above the local computer, and also thus does not usage ActiveDirectory.The supported techniques of connecting come fileservers room TCP/IP and also NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Other methods, together asthe IPX/SPX network protocol, are not supported.All transforms that you do to theWindowsPE registry while to run WindowsPE are shed thenext time you restart the computer. Come make permanent registrychanges, you must modify the it is registered offline before startingWindowsPE.Drive letters space assigned in consecutiveorder as you produce partitions in WindowsPE. However, thedriver letters are reset to the default order when you restartWindowsPE.WindowsPE does not assistance theMicrosoft .NET frame or the common Language Runtime (CLR).WindowsPE does not include the Windowson Windows32 (WOW32), home windows on Windows64 (WOW64),Virtual DOS an equipment (VDM), OS/2 or POSIX subsystems.WindowsPE can be used to configure andto partition a computer"s disks before beginning Windows Setup. Ifany tough disks are converted come dynamic disks through Diskpart.exebefore you start Windows Setup, climate those difficult disks arerecognized as foreign when the operating device is installed, andany quantities on those difficult disks will not be accessible.WindowsPE go not support applicationspackaged v Windows Installer (.msi).WindowsPE does not support802.1x.

WindowsPE depends on a number of Windowstechnologies to function properly.

If you use WindowsPE on a network,Dynamic organize Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and also Domain surname Services(DNS) servers space useful, yet not required.If you boots WindowsPE from a network,you should use a WindowsDeployment Services.If you download Windows, you must run WindowsSetup (Setup.exe in Windows7 or Winnt32.exe forWindowsServer 2003).If friend automate windows Windows7installation, you must use one Unattend.xml answer file.

WindowsPE is very closely related to a variety of otherWindows installation technologies, and also several recoverytechnologies. Some of these technologies, such together WindowsDSand Windows7 Setup, include customized execution ofWindowsPE.

Windows Setup

To be faster and more efficient, home windows Setup usesWindows image (.wim) documents to install home windows on a hard drive.Setup supplies a customized variation of WindowsPE to begin thecomputer and also copy windows to the hard drive indigenous .wim files.

Unattended Setup is a technique of automating cleaninstallations and upgrades with minimal administrator or technicianinteraction. It provides an Unattend.xml answer paper that girlfriend createand deserve to be performed indigenous the home windows product DVD or indigenous a shareddistribution folder.

Unattended Setup is an especially useful if you needto:

In enhancement to these deployment solutions, unattendedSetup is a useful technique of developing master installations forimage-based and also RIS installations.

A common an approach to start an unattended Setup is toboot the computer using WindowsPE and then beginning Setup withan answer paper from a distribution folder ~ above the network.

The windows Recovery atmosphere (WindowsRE) i am one extensible restore platform based upon WindowsPE. Windowsautomatically fails over into this environment when the computerfails come start. The Startup Repair device in WindowsRE thenautomates the diagnosis and repair of one unbootable Windows7installation. Furthermore, WindowsRE is a starting point forvarious tools that perform manual system recovery. The primaryaudience the this file comprises original equipmentmanufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs), andcorporate that professionals.

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Windows Deployment solutions is the update andredesigned WindowsServer variation of far InstallationServices (RIS). WindowsDeployment services assists v therapid adoption and deployment of windows operating systems. Girlfriend canuse the to set up new computers with a network-based installationwithout having actually to be physically present at each computer system andwithout having actually to install straight from a CD. WindowsPEprovides a boot environment to install a Windows7 picture ontoa brand-new computer.