Do you want to know how to usage an empty BIC lighter?Most human being throw your empty lighters in the trash. Instead, why not use it because that something? You’re around to see how to use an north Bic lighter like a Spy.In this post, we’re going to cover how to use an empty BIC lighter (even irradiate a enhance without lighter fluid), BIC lighter uses, and also what to execute with expired BIC lighters.

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How To north A Bic Lighter

If we’re going to gain all the feasible empty Bic lighter provides out that it, it have to be empty right. So let’s north it if it’s no already. Best you simply come ago to this write-up when you have an empty one rather of wasting lighter fluid, however it’s her choice. If you desire to empty your lighter to get the critical of its it is provided out, here’s just how to empty a Bic lighter.

Uses for Empty Bic Lighters

So what deserve to you usage your empty lighter for? There are a few ways to do empty Bic lighter job-related as you’ll view below.

Make Fire

Use your empty Bic come ironically, irradiate a fire. Having a liquid-filled lighter is overrated anyway. Here’s exactly how you irradiate a fire with it. You might find this so fun you’ll even do it with a complete lighter. can’t be loaded since JavaScript is disabled: just how To do Fire v An north Lighter (

How To make A Jailhouse Lighter

You’re contempt stressed out after coming house from work, putting up with your underworked and also overpaid boss. You get your lighter and relish the assumed of part relief. Her lighter is top top empty.No cigar.Here’s what you do. Protect against smoking. After this one last smoke the course, Here’s exactly how to light a fire with a Bic lighter through no lighter fluid. Impossible? five contrare. Just because you’re out of gas, doesn’t average there’s no some secret hack you can perform to get one much more light.Step 1: You require two item to do fire… from nothing.An empty Bic lighterToilet paperStep 2: place out part toilet file and scrape the wheel part up versus flint, however without making a spark.Step 3: madness the lighter against the table on height of the toilet record to get all the dust native the flint out on to the paper.Step 3: as soon as you have sufficient of a dust pile. Use the toilet record to pinch all the dust into the very same spot, then simply fold and also roll.Step 4: now use your empty lighter to spark it, you’ll check out the flash soon enough.Congratulations. Currently you know just how to make a Jailhouse Lighter.

Revive It

Bring your liquid-less lighter back to life using this survive hack for reviving dead lighters. Watch the video clip below. can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: exactly how To recreation a DEAD LIGHTER! (

Survival Lighter

You can likewise make a an excellent ole fashioned survival lighter through it. Watch the video clip below. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: survival Skills: just how To usage A broken Or empty Bic Lighter (

Recycle It

Even if friend don’t want to use it for any of the reasons above. You can always do what’s ideal when girlfriend discard it, recycle it. If she thinking about whether or not have the right to you litter away provided Bic lighters, carry out the best thing and also empty that first. Don’t throw away lighters through lighter fluid still left inside it.


Now girlfriend know exactly how to do an empty BIC lighter work, empty or not. We discussed how you deserve to use it to light a fire. You know how to make a Jailhouse Lighter i beg your pardon you can impress your friends with.We hope this article helped friend learn how to usage an empty BIC lighter. Girlfriend may also want to watch our overview on the different uses for bamboo and the amazing provides for a shemagh scarf.If you chosen this article, then please subscribe come our YouTube Channel because that Survival and also preparedness video tutorials. Friend can likewise find us on Twitter and Facebook.Do you know a different method to usage BIC lighters? leaving a comment below and tell united state your secrets.

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