Step 1: find variety of moles the Mg(divide 4.03 by its molor mass)step 2:find number of moles in O2step 3: psychic STP is 22.4 l = 1 molestep 4: multiply 0.0829mol O₂ by 22.4L/mol to gain 1.857Lanswer is 1860 mL

Answer: 1860 mL



According to Avogadro"s legislation , 1 mole of every gas rectal 22.4 l at typical temperature and also pressure and 1 mole of every problem weighs equal to that is molar mass.

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that Magnesium reacts with 22.4 l of gas STP.

4.03g of Magnesium reaction with=

the gas STP.

Which reaction reflects that the altoalsimce.orgthalpy of formation of H2S is Hf = -20.6 kJ/mol?A.H2(g) + S(s)  H2S + 20.6 kJ


H₂(g) + S(s) → H₂S + 20.6 KJ


The altoalsimce.orgergy transforms occur throughout the bond formation and bonds breaking.

There ere two types of reaction altoalsimce.orgdothermic and exothermic reaction.

altoalsimce.orgdothermic reactions:

In this kind of reaction altoalsimce.orgergy needed to break the shortcut are greater than the altoalsimce.orgergy released throughout bond formation.

For example:

C + H₂O → CO + H₂

ΔH = +131 kj/mol

it can be as,

C + H₂O + 131 kj/mol → CO + H₂

Exothermic reaction:

In this form of reaction altoalsimce.orgergy required to rest the bonds are less than the altoalsimce.orgergy released throughout the bond formation.

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For example:

Chemical equation:

C + O₂ → CO₂

ΔH = -393 Kj/mol

it have the right to be as,

C + O₂ → CO₂ + 393 Kj/mol

The formation of sulfide is exothermic reaction.

H₂(g) + S(s) → H₂S ΔH = -20.6 KJ

It will be as,

H₂(g) + S(s) → H₂S + 20.6 KJ

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In a 100 g sample the iron(III) oxide, how plenty of grams that iron room presaltoalsimce.orgt?
e-lub <12.9K>
The formula of Iron(III) oxide is Fe2O3In bespeak to calculate the fixed of steel in a sample of iron(III) oxide, us must an initial know the fixed percaltoalsimce.orgtage of iron in iron(III) oxide. This is calculate by: * 100 = <(moles of stole * mr of iron) / (moles of steel * mr of stole + moles of * grandfather of> * 100= <(2 * 56) / (2 * 56 + 3 * 16)> * 100= (112 / 160) * 100= 70%Thus, in a 100g sample, the weight of iron will certainly be:100 * 70%= 70 grams
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Which statemaltoalsimce.orgt describes two organ systems working with each other to eliminate wastes made by cells?
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Explanation:it gets rid of rubbish

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The image shows a wheel that"s wound up and released. The wheel move up and also down together shown. Idaltoalsimce.orgtify the place of the wheel w
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Since the wheel move up and down, the place that represaltoalsimce.orgts the potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy is the which has actually the maximum elevation from the ground.

Potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy is the altoalsimce.orgergy at rest of a body.

the is as:

Potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy = m x g x h

m is the fixed of the body

g is the acceleration as result of gravity

h is the elevation of the body

We have the right to see the mass and height are directly related to the potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy a body exerts.

The higher the wheel native ground, the greater its potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy.

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Potaltoalsimce.orgtial altoalsimce.orgergy


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How many molecules are uncovered in a 0.36 mole sample the water?
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Answer; A Explanation
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