I"ve been trying to figure out once time-wise (rather than chapter/episode-wise) the Orochimaru was kicked the end of the village. I understand that that must have actually been ~ the Yondaime was killed (given that it was the Sandaime that kicked him out), and at the very least in the altoalsimce.org that watched Itachi train, but I can"t figure it out past that.

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Is over there a canon answer for once (say, in relation to the Kyuubi"s attack/Naruto"s age) Orochimaru was kicked out of the village and for exactly how long his human trial and error occured within the village before then?


I execute not recall it ever before stating just how long Orochimaru was conducting experiment while in Konoha (my memory is fuzzy and also could not find any kind of sources). However, Orochimaru began his experiments sometime after recognize the shedded skin the a white snake as displayed in chapter 344. Hiruzen go on to define that this was a authorize of good fortune and also rebirth. According to the wiki, it to be at this minute when Orochimaru ended up being interested in kinjustu.


As because that Orochimaru"s defection from Konoha, this arisen shortly ~ Minato was preferred to end up being the 4th Hokage. In chapter 116, throughout the Sand"s intrusion in the middle of the chunnin exam, one more shinobi inquiry Ibiki why Orochimaru was thought about a missing-nin.



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