Where is blacksmith in Colossus Boulevard?

Go behind the platform and there is a tree close to the wall. Friend will uncover the blacksmith standing there. Colossus Boulevard (subscription just area) This is the final place you will gain access to and also the critical Smith is here. Monitor the map every the means back to Heldreth Perch and the blacksmith is standing near a statue.

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How do you acquire to Colossus Boulevard?

How to acquire there? you must have actually completed every one of the storyline searches in Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane. Merle Ambrose will certainly then give you a pursuit that permits you to accessibility Colossus Boulevard. Friend must finish Colossal problem to gain accessibility to this location.

Where carry out you find the Smiths in Wizard101?

Wizard101: Where are the Smiths?

Unicorn Way. Together you’re leaving the Hedge Maze and also heading earlier to Unicorn Way, the blacksmith is uncovered on the right. Mini Fairgrounds. Golem Court. Ravenwood. To buy District. Triton Avenue. FireCat Alley. Cyclops Lane.

How execute I obtain to the Golem Court Smith?

Golem Court Smith: directly opposite the Golem Tower, standing next to a tree, the Dragon’s Mouth cavern entrance is nearby. Shopping district Smith: in between buildings. After entering the purchase District, walk in the direction of Olde Town. Top top passing the very first tree turn right, and go between the buildings.

Where is the blacksmith in the Commons?

Re: wherein is the Commons Smith? the is in the fairgrounds. Over there is a tree in the very back that the fairground and also he is hiding behind it.

Where is the smith in Olde Town?

Olde Towne blacksmith is was standing right beside the lady in prior of the empty building across from Bazaar.

Why can’t I gain into Colossus Boulevard?

You have to defeat almost all the bosses in magician City undertaking to Olde Town and also defeat Foulgaze in the ar of battle. Achieve 750 crowns or acquisition a video game membership. Without one of the two, friend cannot get in Colossus Boulevard.

Where is the blacksmith in Unicorn Way?

Unicorn means Smith is near the Hedge Maze as soon as you walk to the prior door revolve around and also you will see him in the front.

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Where is the dirt mound wizard101?

Bob Barker native the pets Pavilion will challenge you to uncover dirt mounds. To uncover the dust Mound in every the assorted areas, play as your pet. You will NOT find them as yourself and also they will not present up if you continue to be as yourself. You need to click the play as your pet.


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