The very first day of searching season finally arrives and Billy is ecstatic. He spends the seemingly endless daylight hours preparing because that the night’s hunt. His father understands his excitement and tells him that, throughout hunting season, he is excused indigenous his daily chores. Billy graciously many thanks him, noting the his...

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The an initial day of hunting season lastly arrives and also Billy is ecstatic. The spends the seemingly endless daylight hours preparing for the night’s hunt. His father understands his excitement and also tells him that, during hunting season, the is excused indigenous his daily chores. Billy graciously many thanks him, noting that his nightly hunts will most likely leave him exhausted throughout daylight hours. His father tells him the his mommy is tho apprehensive about allowing him come hunt alone in ~ night. Therefore, he speak Billy that it is vital to phone call them whereby he will certainly be every night. Billy agrees. When his father leaves, Billy proudly shows that his father speaks to him together if he were a grown man rather 보다 a young boy.

as soon as Billy has actually made preparations because that the night, he has actually a talk through his puppies. He tells them that he is proud of your labors, and he defines that lock will put all their training to use this night. That feels that little Ann understands him even if Old Dan walk not. That evening, after sharing dinner through his family, Billy gathers his searching supplies and also embarks top top his an initial hunting adventure.

Billy leads his puppies come an area close to the river to start the hunt. Immediately, they begin searching for the scent of raccoons. Quickly they recognize the scent and, there is no delay, they room on the trail of your prey. Billy screams v excitement, yelling, “Whoo-e-e-e,” the characteristic yell the raccoon hunters. He proudly watches together his puppies seek the raccoon and also remain ~ above the trail regardless of the raccoon’s attempts come elude them. Little Ann in details trails the prey v precision. However, the raccoon lastly shakes them turn off its trail, and Billy is ready to relocate to one more area to proceed hunting.

before Billy pipeline the area, both Old Dan and small Ann begin to howl in ~ the base of a tree. Astonished, Billy follows them and also discovers that tiny Ann has discovered the raccoon nesting in the hole of a good sycamore tree. Return Billy is thrilled the his puppies have treed a raccoon, to record his food he will have to either rise the tree or chop the down. Yet he is dismayed by the dimension of this tree, and also neither task seems plausible. Billy’s eager puppies have trapped a raccoon in one of the biggest trees in the forest. In fact, he has long described this tree as “the large tree” due to the fact that it towers over all of the other trees in the area. Billy approximates that the lowest limb on the tree is at the very least sixty feet off the ground. He also estimates that, although he has a sharp ax, it would take almost “a month” come chop under the tree. Regrettably, that decides, he will need to leave the raccoon in the tree and hunt elsewhere. However, his puppies have other plans.

in spite of his make the efforts to take the puppies far from the tree, Billy cannot to convince them to leaving the raccoon. The perform not respond come his calls and they refuse to stop barking and also yelping in ~ the basic of the tree. Mental his promise to capture any type of raccoon that his puppies can trap in a tree, Billy decides to chop under the tree. That does not want to allow his puppies down, so he takes his ax and also begins chopping near the bottom that the huge tree.

Billy’s occupational is strenuous, and also he is making little progress. Still, he works through; his father find him early on the next morning, exhausted yet determined to fell the large tree. His father describes that his mom is consumed through worry and also that he should go home, eat, rest, and also reassure her. Billy refuses, explaining the he promised his puppies he would catch the raccoon and also that he need to keep his word. His dad applauds his integrity and offers to help him chop under the tree. Billy educates him the this is a project he must complete on his own. His father speak him the he respects his decision and that he will certainly send his sister to him with food and also provisions for this reason he have the right to remain close to the tree.

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Billy’s sister bring him food, but she derides his decision come chop down the tree. She insists the the tree is also massive and also that he will never finish the task. Fairly than become discouraged, Billy chases her away and finishes his lunch. He climate feeds his puppies with the scraps his mother contained in the having lunch bucket and resumes his tireless efforts to chop under the giant sycamore.