Both Riolu and also Lucario are some of the most popular Pokemon to ever before be released, but finding them have the right to be a little tricky in Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl.

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Fiding Riolu is pretty comparable to other rare species like Munchlax as it also has a unique means of gift found. In fact, the lovely Fighting-type can’t be found in the wild in ~ all. This method you’ll have to visit a specific area if you great to include it to her team.

While the brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl remakes will likely lug a few minor changes to Gen 4, a many the Pokemon and their recording methods will most likely remain the same. In theory, this means that the method for obtaining Riolu should be unchanged.

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If you great to include this feisty Fighting-type to your team or merely wish to record ‘em all, then we’ve acquired you covered.

How to capture Riolu in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl



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