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Half stupid question:I got a pair of new, in the box, mufflers with my 65. I have had to install them due to a transmission swap, blah, blah, inlet and center outlet. If I reuse the existing exhaust system, they would fit better with the inlet in the center and the outlet off-set.Can most mufflers be installed backwards?Not sure on the brand name but need to install them to be street-legal...old mufflers are shot and had to cut up exhaust piping anyways...thanks!
Most mufflers I"ve had were marked with an inlet/outlet...but, if the openings are the same size and there are no markings on the muffler, I don"t see why you couldn"t flip them.Jeff

If not look in the opening and see if the baffles are pointing the right way, the exhaust should be able to flow through freely, not be blocked with obstructions.Of corse there are exceptions to the rule, the Glass Packs (Cherry Bomb"s) I put on my "65 could be installed either way, baffles, or backwards was straight through pipe.

No, he didn"t slam into you, he didn"t bump you, he didn"t nudge you, he "rubbed" you. And rubbing, son, is racing.
Most of the low priced turbo mufflers can be reversed,but most higher end,like Flomaster or Borla,should not be reversed.If there are no arrows or in/out markers,they should be reversible. Steve
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