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During a examine of part physical properties of milk, several observations were made regarding the density of milk. Uneven water, milk does no exhibit a maximum density at 4° C. However, at 4° C, there showed up to be an irregular change in density of milk.

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Between 18° and 44° C, the thickness of milk to be within 0.0005 g. Per milliliter, a linear duty of temperature. A temperature coefficient of 0.00038 was calculated to convert density determinations at any temperature between 18° and also 44° C. To any other temperature in that range.
Homogenization the milk in ~ pressures varying from 500 come 3,000 p.s.i. Had actually no far-ranging effect ~ above density. However, a very highly far-reaching increase in thickness of milk occurred with each rise in homogenization push until 300 p.s.i. Was reached.
The estimation oi Solids in Milk. Part I. Decision of Solids-Not-Fat by Various techniques of Hydrometry.
Bound Water and Its partnership to part Dairy Products. III. The relationship of tied Water to part Dairy Phenomena.
The affect of the physical State of the Fat on the calculation of Solids indigenous the details Gravity of Milk.
Uber dice Aenderung Einiger Physiokollischen Eigenschaften der Kuhmilch mit der Zerteilung Ihrer Dispersen Phasen.

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