Need one more word that method the same as “winner”? uncover 12 synonyms and 30 connected words because that “winner” in this overview.

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The synonyms that “Winner” are: achiever, succeeder, success, victor, champion, conqueror, vanquisher, defeater, hero, box-office success, triumph, sensation

Winner together a Noun

Definitions of "Winner" together a noun

According come the Oxford thesaurus of English, “winner” as a noun deserve to have the adhering to definitions:

A gambler who wins a bet.A human or point that wins something.The contestant who wins the contest.A point that is a success or is most likely to it is in successful.A map that have the right to be relied on to success a trick.A person with a document of successes.A score or shot that wins a match or point.

Synonyms of "Winner" as a noun (12 Words)

achieverA person who achieves a high or specified level that success.His boy would never be the achiever that his dad was.
box-office successAn event that accomplishes its intended purpose.
championSomeone that is dazzlingly experienced in any field.He became the figured out champion of a totally free press.
conquerorA human being who conquers a location or people; a vanquisher.A human being ruled end by a international conqueror.
defeaterThe emotion that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.The onset of hopelessness is the great defeater.
heroA person who is admired for your courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.The hero that the selection is the daily challenge peel.
sensationThe capacity to have actually physical sensations.She was a sensation the speak of the evening.
succeederA human who takes end or inherits a throne, office, or other position.You re much more likely to come to be a succeeder if you try and shot and try.
successA human being with a document of successes.Her success owed much more to hard work than luck.
triumphThe exultation of victory.A garden constructed to storage Napoleon s countless triumphs.
vanquisherSomeone who is victorious by force of arms.
victorA code word representing the letter V, supplied in radio communication.Congratulations come the victors.


Usage instances of "Winner" as a noun

Anyone acquisition out a fixed-rate mortgage can be on to a winner.Dummy has actually the spade ace and also two diamond winners at the finish.A Nobel compensation winner.Only winners need apply.He equalized and hit a last-minute winner.

Associations of "Winner" (30 Words)

accomplishmentSomething that has actually been accomplished successfully.The accomplishment of planned objectives.
achieverA human being with a document of successes.His kid would never be the achiever that his dad was.
athleteA person who takes component in vain track and also field occasions (athletics).He had actually the broad shouldered develop of a natural athlete.
awardGrant or entrust (a contract or commission) come (a person or organization.An award the damages.
championProtect or struggle for as a champion.He ended up being the identified champion of a cost-free press.
championshipThe position or location of the winner of a championship contest.The team s last match before the european championships.
competitionA business relation in which two parties complete to get customers.A beauty, beauty competition.
conquerorSomeone that is victorious by pressure of arms.A possibility for revenge against his Olympic conqueror.
exultationA feeling of too much joy.She laughs in exultation.
heroismGreat bravery.They combated with exemplary heroism.
honoredHaving an illustrious reputation; respected.
invincibleIncapable the being conquer or subdued.An invincible army.
joggerLoose trousers made of a stretchy fabric and typically elasticated at the waist and ankles, worn especially for jogging.Sporty species in joggers.
jubilantJoyful and also proud especially because of triumph or success.A huge number the jubilant fans ran on to the pitch.
jubilationA emotion of an excellent happiness and also triumph.Unbelievable scene of jubilation.
marathonAny long and arduous undertaking.A marathon runner.
marathonerSomeone who participates in long-distance gyeongju (especially in marathons.
nobelSwedish chemist remembered because that his development of dynamite and also for the bequest that created the Nobel prizes (1833-1896.
oppressorA person of government who subjects others to undue pressures.They toppled their early american oppressors.
pugilistSomeone that fights with his fists for sport.
pugnaciousEager or fast to argue, quarrel, or fight.Pugnacious spirits lamented the there was so tiny prospect that an exhilarating disturbance.
rejoicingJoyful and proud especially due to the fact that of triumph or success.The ban was lifted in 1990 amid general rejoicing.
runnerA plant the spreads by way of runners.He came in come bat through a runner.
successA human with a record of successes.I need to make a success of my business.
superiorA human superior to one more in rank or status specifically a colleague in a higher position.Mars and Jupiter space the the next in of the superior planets.
triumphDwell on v satisfaction.She stopped triumphing over Mrs Ward s failure.
triumphantFeeling or to express jubilation after ~ a victory or achievement.A comic fairy tale about innocence triumphant.
trophyA souvenir of an achievement, specifically a part of an pet taken when hunting.
victorA person who defeat an adversary or enemy in a battle, game, or other competition.Congratulations come the victors.
victoryAn act of beating an enemy or foe in a battle, game, or various other competition.

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Clinched a victory.